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Broadsurf's Gio Offer & Free Support
By: MarkJ - 28 April, 2005 (9:44 AM)

Broadsurf has become the latest ISP to offer any ex-Gio Internet users a special promotion, which includes free migration and no minimum contract. In addition the ISP has converted its tech support line to 0800 (free calls):

BroadSurf have just made an offer to ex-Giointernet customers.

"We know that you've had a bad time with your previous ISP and we'd like to make you an offer that will show you that we can do much better!"

Therefore, any ex-gio user who migrates their service to BroadSurf will be subject to no minimum contract! Also, there are no migration fees!

Over the last few months, BroadSurf have introduced a number of extra services to compliment their broadband services.

These have come as a direct response to user feedback. They include:

* ISPA Membership - Now we are backed by a Code Of Practice which means you are sure to receive a high quality service.

* IPStream Guaranteed! - If you migrate to BroadSurf, we guarantee you'll be placed into our IPStream product to ensure you don't run into any problems.

* Out Of Hours Service - Open until 11pm, if you have a problem with your service, just leave a message and we'll call you back within 30 minutes!

* Online Account Management - No need to waiting in a call queue to manage your account

* Free Webspace - 10MB of free space

* Free Spam and Virus protection on your emails

* Free Fixed IP Address

Now we've gone one step further. We've removed the expensive phone calls and now offer 0800 Freephone Technical Support.

If you need to call us with a problem or just need help setting up your connection, simply call 0800-072-6412.


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