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Zen's Broadband Price Warning
By: MarkJ - 02 February, 2006 (12:52 PM)

Zen Internet has today issued a warning to customers on judging ISPís by price alone, highlighting how paying less can often lead to a lower quality of service:

Iain Johnstone, Sales and Partner Programme Manager, Zen Internet commented: ďPricing is highly competitive and there are multiple offers to choose from. I would always ask though if the lowest price actually offers the best value Ė and the answer will almost invariably be no!

It is only good value if it actually delivers what you want it to. The price issue, whilst a consideration, is not the absolute definition of value when a business is considering its Internet options. The key to value is determined by working with an ISP who can supply a robust solution to your requirements, backed up by quality support throughout.

Customers, both existing and new, will be aware of the number of discounted offers for broadband that continue to flood the marketplace. It is important to dig behind the headlines to discover exactly what is on offer and then relate it to the solution you need to help you make the most of your Internet opportunities. The Internet Service Providerís association (ISPA) states that it is not advisable to choose an ISP on price alone. They make the point that you get what you pay for and therefore service levels, consistent speeds and quality should also be considered.

Length of contract for ISP services is also an important feature to consider, so it is always worth considering a provider that offers one month contracts. Before choosing a provider get the views of existing ADSL subscribers, look for press and magazine reviews and check independent speed tests.

Zen itself is well known for charging that bit extra over its competitors, although many would agree that the quality returned makes such a thing worthwhile.

Blowing ones own trumpet aside, the message often fails to reach far enough and many will continue to follow the cheapest option without considering alternatives or doing any prior research.

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