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MP Urges UK ISPís To Come Clean
By: MarkJ - 26 October, 2005 (12:50 PM)

Labour MP Margaret Moran has urged UK Internet providers to come clean on whether or not they block access to websites containing child abuse. The MP is gathering support for a new law that could force ISP's into revealing their stance:

But the Home Office has said it would prefer the industry to regulate itself. Around one in five internet service providers have not declared whether they block child pornography sites.

The Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA), which has around 130 members, has said that the major companies already prevent access to such websites.

Ms Moran, the Labour MP for Luton South, is expected to introduce the Control of Internet Access (Child Pornography) Bill later in a bid to compel these companies to alter their approach. Her bill has been put forward under the ten-minute rule, which means it will be the subject of a brief debate on the floor of the Commons, but has no prospect of becoming law.

The MP is threatening to name and shame providers that refuse to reveal said information, which would most likely impact smaller and medium sized ISP's. More @ BBC News Online.

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