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D-Day For Ofcoms ADSL Migration Code Approaches
By: MarkJ - 12 February, 2007 (9:40 AM)

Ofcom is set to introduce its much publicised new migration code (MAC) policy for broadband ADSL providers on Valentines Day (Wednesday 14th Feb) this week. The new rules will make it compulsory for ISP's to dish out MAC codes both freely and within five "working days" (details) to end-users.

Since the original announcement many people have contacted us with concerns. Notably, ISP's preparing to charge "administration fee's" for handling the cancellation/MAC process, delayed waiting times (longer than 5 working days) and those whose support is unresponsive (i.e. can't request a MAC if there's nobody to talk with).

Typically we will be monitoring aspects like this and highlighting some of the problems people run into over the next few weeks. Ofcom has pledged to chase ISP's that fail to provide an effective process or abuse the rules, although some grey areas (e.g. when customers can't contact their provider and or the supplier) remain and the regulator is working to improve these.

Much will depend on Ofcom’s ability to enforce these new rules in both an effective and timely manor, aspects the regulator has never been especially well known for. To get an ISP’s perspective on Ofcom’s new rules, check out our latest interview with several providers – here.

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