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Breathe Fails To Reach Biscit Customer Base Deal
By: MarkJ - 13 March, 2007 (2:24 PM)

Breathes attempts to acquire Biscits remaining customers appear to have been scuppered by bitter legal disputes that continue to be waged over the deceased provider. The update posted on Breathe's site (here) explains:

Breathe Networks Limited fails to reach agreement on the acquisition of Biscit Internet (13 March 2007)

Breathe Networks Limited has been unable to initiate a migration of Biscit's customers to their network due to a number of legal and commercial issues between Biscit Internet Limited (In Administration) and its suppliers.

Whilst 'breathe' would still be delighted to provide services to those customers, we are prohibited from contacting them directly, and cannot migrate them to our services, although we will be delighted to provide any assistance that we can to anyone who contacts us.

As such, Breathe Networks will not be able to take over the provision of services customers.

Once again Breathe's CEO, Marcus East, has posted on our forum to further elaborate on the increasingly nightmarish situation:

Although my company was able to reach an agreement with Administrator of Biscit to acquire the customers, we have not been able to execute that agreement because of legal and commercial issues beyond our control.

For obvious reasons I cannot go into too much detail, but they involve both the liability for debts incurred through the migration of the this customer base, and questions regarding which company legally owns the customers.

Having spoken to many of you, I am conscious that the people who will suffer most as a result of these protracted legal and commercial issues are the customers, but our hands are tied.

The now completely ridiculous and harrowing situation for customers epitomises some of the faults that remain within the industry, despite Ofcom’s new migration rules. Providers and suppliers are continuing to treat their customers like trash; who can you speak to for a migration code when nobody responds?

We recommend that stuck users issue a complaint to Ofcom and contact BT for further advice. More soon..

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