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Demon Internet's Four Year Bill
By: MarkJ - 01 April, 2006 (9:53 AM)

Demon Internet has billed one of its customers, Colin Walls, 1,200 for four years of service after neglecting to ever take the money from his card in the first place. Unfortunately that is not the end of this story:

When he called customer service, he was told the debt would be cancelled. Then he began receiving letters from Demon's debt collectors demanding the cash.

Following the intervention of The Register, Demon has been in contact with Mr Walls to try and resolve the issue. Demon has agreed to cut the sum owed by half and Walls has agreed to repay 600 on "favourable terms".

A spokeswoman for Demon coughed to the billing cock-up telling us: "Unfortunately, due to human error, Mr Walls' credit card was not charged for the service he received and when this became apparent, we wrote to Mr Walls to notify him of the situation. We understand that Mr Walls then encountered a number of problems whilst trying to resolve this issue."

Congratulations to Demon for being fair and recognising their mistake, something we don't often see from ISP's.

Mr Wall's has since pointed out to The Register that there are several other people on Demon's newsgroups highlighting related problems; Demon is investigating.

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