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Nildram Implements Traffic Management Policy
By: MarkJ - 20 October, 2006 (12:29 PM)

One of our readers (Andy) recently noticed an unusual drop in Newsgroup (usenet) speeds with Nildram. The ISP has since responded to confirm the adoption of a 'Traffic Management Policy', which could come as a surprise to customers:

Thank you for contacting Nildram Customer Support.

I can confirm that Nildram have implemented a Traffic Management Policy to prioritise key online activities of our business and home Internet customers. This will be a permanent policy across all packages offered by Nildram.

Part of this policy is the management of NNTP traffic which some of our customers have already experienced in the change to the throughput of their NNTP connections.

I appreciate that this may at first be perceived to be a negative change however this has been implemented to improve the service for all our customers ensuring that we can provide a reliable high quality services including but not limited to Web browsing, Email, Voice over IP (VoIP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Online game play and Virtual Private Network (VPN) traffic.

A more detailed explanation of our Traffic Management Policy is not currently available, however the business may be releasing more detailed information on this policy in the near future to our customers.

As per our Ts and Cs (section 2.4) we constantly monitor our services to ensure that we provide the best possible experience for our customers. Please note that our Ts and Cs (section 2.4) also state that we may manage the traffic of specific users without prior notice.

On this basis we look to continually change the parameters of our network to provide optimum performance. I hope that you find my response provides all the details you require.

We wouldn’t be at all surprised if Nildram’s policy also covered P2P, although presently the ISP has yet to issue a full press release on the matter.

We’ve seen some providers make a right hash of Traffic Management, such as being unable to tell the different between P2P technology used in games (causing some multiplayer titles to become unplayable) and download services. Hopefully Nildram will not make the same mistakes.

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