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Fast24's ISP Services Suspended By Supplier
By: MarkJ - 31 October, 2006 (1:48 PM)

UKSolutions (UKS) has suspended the supply of broadband services to ISP Fast24, causing customers to be disconnected, albeit not for the first time. The problem has also impacted the provider's domain registrar service, Domainbuster:

For reasons beyond our control, UKS must regrettably announce that it has suspended the supply of services to Fast24 Limited and as a result its customers.

UKS cannot comment further on the specific nature of the services provided or the reasons for the action, nor unfortunately can UKS assist individual customers. Further questions from customers should be addressed directly to Fast24 Limited via their published support telephone number 0845 644 9223.

We don't yet know why UKS has taken the action, although financial disputes are often to blame. It may be worth noting that one of Fast24ís other suppliers, NetServices, which itself cut the provider off once before, has issued a statement to confirm the stability of its own supply:

NetServices has experienced a high number of calls from customers of FAST24 over recent days. FAST24 receive wholesale broadband services from a number of suppliers, one of which is NetServices.

NetServices has not taken any action against FAST24 and all services that FAST24 customers receive from ourselves should be operational at this time. We advise customers who are experiencing any difficulties with these services to contact FAST24 directly on 0845 6449223.

FAST24 also take services from other wholesale providers, for example Tiscali. Customers can determine whether their services are via NetServices or not by looking at the username which they use to connect to their broadband service. If your username ends with the suffix "@bbuk" then the service is provided via NetServices and should be operational. If you have requests relating to such services you should contact FAST24 directly.

We havenít yet heard any similar news from Tiscaliís side and UKS have already stated that a resolution to the matter is possible, but down to Fast24. Meanwhile the ISP itself remains largely un-contactable, causing further concern and worry among customers. Their website is also offline.

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