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ISP Tesco Broadband Reveals UK Price Hikes Just Before Christmas

Thursday, December 20th, 2012 (1:26 pm) by Mark Jackson (Score 1,111)
tesco broadband uk

Customers of Tesco’s fixed line “unlimited” broadband and phone services may be displeased to learn that they’re about to become the latest to be hit by a price hike. The worst part is that customers have only been given 10 days to decide and those who refuse will have to switch.. at Christmas!

Tesco claims that the increases, which will come into force from March 2013, are necessary “so that we can continue to offer our customers an unlimited broadband service“. The ISP notes that its new prices will be frozen until 2014. But most of the hikes appear to come from their phone service, with line rental increasing from £13.75 to £14.90 a month.

Elsewhere any calls you make to UK landlines and 0845/0870 numbers (i.e. calls that occur outside of your inclusive allowance) will increase from 7.5p per minute to 8.4p per minute. The standard call connection fee is similarly increasing from 12.5p to 13.8p per call and calls to their top international destinations will jump from 7.5p per minute to 8.4p.

Tescos Statement

We’re changing some of our prices in March 2013 but our great service isn’t changing, and we will still be excellent value for money. We’re increasing some of our prices so that we can continue to offer our customers an unlimited broadband service. This means you can enjoy all your favourite online activities without worrying about usage charges. Our monthly line rental will remain cheaper than BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk so you can be sure you’re getting a great deal, and our prices will now be frozen until 2014.

The small slice of good news is that the unbundled (LLU) broadband component of Tesco’s call bundles will see a slight 50p reduction. Meanwhile Tesco’s current half price promotion and existing line rental charges remain in place. Any further details about their forthcoming price changes can be found on Tesco’s site.

The move is of course not unexpected and follows a spate of similar hikes that have recently been announced by all of the major providers. As usual customers are allowed to exit their contract if they don’t approve but Tesco, in their infinite wisdom (that’s sarcasm folks), appears to have only given customers ten days of grace to decide!

It wouldn’t be so bad but doing this right before Christmas shows appalling judgement as many ISPs will be understaffed and this can result in various service delays for those opting to swap provider.

Tesco Broadband's new prices
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12 Responses
  1. A Roddis

    About time the ISPs stopped increasing line rentals every year, they’re getting as bad as the Utility companies.

    • Charlie B

      Why do you expect broadband/internet access to be the only commodity to REDCUED in price whilst expectations and demands on it INCREASE.

      How much do you moan at the price of a pint going up but it still gets drunk and you still continue to pay.

      Inflation….ever heard of it !

    • Darren

      I wouldn’t mind it going up if they were replacing the aluminium d-sides with copper. As it stands they only replace it when it completely stops working or if it’s causing massive problems for a lot of people. And even then they will only replace the problematic section not the whole lot.

  2. ukip

    Appalling judgement, more a hope of people being occupied with other matters, me thinks.

  3. Darren

    Every little helps!

    Please use your local shops, butchers and pubs where possible. These supermarkets are way to big and powerful, they don’t care about customers and are turning our high streets into ghost towns.

  4. New_Londoner

    The Tesco statement says “Our monthly line rental will remain cheaper than BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk …”

    Odd that BT line rental is from £10.75 monthly equivalent with the £129 annual payment for the line rental saver. Cna’t be bothered to check Virgin or Talk Talk, interesting to see what the ASA make of the Tesco claim!

    • M

      But that’s not a MONTHLY rental – that’s a yearly one – you have to pay for the whole year.

      BT’s monthly rental is more expensive on a comparative basis than Tesco.

    • New_Londoner

      You’re correct that the £10.75 monthly equivalent is only available by paying a £129 annual payment for the line rental saver with BT, which is why I included that in my post above. However Tesco do not apear to offer this, so it is valid to compare the two prices.

      Tesco’s best price will be its £14.90 monthly rental when its prices go up, or just under £180 per year. Why pay that when you can save nearly £50 or just under 30% by paying up front? As they say, every little helps!

  5. Kyle

    Reel the customers in with ‘free’ or super cheap broadband deals and whack them with WLR hikes! Sneaky, underhand and hopefully, a lesson that will return to bite them.

    Then again, it’s Tesco… they already own the world and the air we breathe.

  6. dragoneast

    It’s competition: everyone wants it, and when they get it, they complain about it. Only babies get spoon fed.

  7. Andrew

    I think the reason complain about the competition is it meant to mean companies fight to get customers, but they dnt seem to need to and can raise there price above inflation all the time and the fact they make big profits shows they dnt need to rise the price but do it to increase there profits ti wouldn’t be so bad if they invested those profits into fibre or in a price reduction. (note with this comment i also mean gas electricity etc as well)

    customer would not feel so annoyed if the service was better and improve but teh price hikes dnt match inflation its to make there prices higher this isnt jsut about tesco

  8. H


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