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UK ISP Primus Saver Blames Customer Support Woes on the Weather

Posted Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 (8:16 am) by Mark Jackson (Score 2,703)
primus saver uk

Budget broadband and phone provider Primus Saver (New Call Telecom) has reportedly experienced a surge in complaints about the quality of its customer support and service over the past month, which has made it difficult for users to contact the provider. But apparently it’s all the fault of bad weather.

According to MSE, many customers are finding it increasingly difficult to contact the ISP by either email or phone. In fact some people have been left on hold for several hours before being shamelessly disconnected.

In addition an apparently smaller number of users are suffering from connectivity problems with their broadband and phone service, although Primus claims that there is nothing abnormally wrong with their platform.

A Primus Spokesman said:

We are doing everything possible to reduce the queue times, but the weather situation has been testing and unfortunately means a lot of people need assistance.”

In fairness Primus aren’t the only provider to be suffering such woes and the recent bad weather can cause support centres to experience a higher volume of calls due to general service disruption (e.g. repair work and new service provision delays from BTOpenreach).

On the other hand you get what you pay for and a cheap ISP (Primus offers broadband from just £1.20 per month when taken with its phone service) will often struggle to make enough money to fund a suitably large customer support department and or a higher quality of service; quality is sacrificed for the sake of price.

Customers whom find themselves unable to contact Primus should check out our ISP Complaints Advice section and consider Posting a Review of Primus. New Call Telecom (Primus) is also a member of the ISPA UK and thus they might also be able to assist with some issues.

We also recommend Contacting Ofcom as they can often take action when a problem becomes serious (assuming enough reports are received), though they will not be able to assist with individual complaints. If the issue persists for over 8 weeks then an ADR process may be required (see our ISP complaints advice section).

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5 Responses
  1. Tom

    I’ve got a line with primus (for line rental only) and, luckily, I’ve never had to contact their support. I do worry about the day that I do :)

  2. Sheffield Owl

    Cheap packages come at a cost and by the looks of it that cost is poor support.I think most users would pay a little extra to guarantee first class UK based support.

    • dragoneast

      As with all insurance you’d be paying out more for peace of mind, but it’s not guaranteed. My recent experience is that OR’s automated line monitoring is good at picking up faults without prodding from the phone service supplier or end user. When MBORC comes into play then it’s a resource issue, and that’s going to be inevitable.

  3. Chris

    I’m with Primus and I was without a phone line and broadband for 5 weeks from end of November due to a ligtning strike which friend my master socket. I was speaking to Primus regularly but all to no avail, they would record the problem and I’d hear nothing. No engineer, no progress updates. Obviously, Openreach had declared MBORC because of floods and I was told they can’t be held to their Service Level Agreements. Two appointments were made but Opnreach missed both of them. The first one I had to agree to another appointment being made wait 10 days hence (until after Christmas) because that was the first that was available, and I was told that there are no escalation procedures for a long wait for a fix and missed appointments that were Openreach’s fault, I just had to go to the back of the queue again. The person in the faults dept of Primus that I was speaking to was not willing at all to try and get my phone line working considering the length of time I had been waiting and the facty that I was completely without any form of communciation at home in an isolated area, and there would be no communication over Christmas either. He refused to get to the bottom of why the fault was taking a long time, why Openrech failed to turn up, and why they had lied to me, I was promised 3 times by their operators that the problem would “definitely be fixed” by the end of the next day, but it never happened. I know that Primus are a “budget” provider however providing a phone line is their job and what they are paid to do, and when there is an outage like this they should be doing their best to fix it, not just sitting their twiddling their fingers and saying they can’t do anything and refusing to help.

  4. alan

    With Primus you pay for what your get, cheap product = cheap support
    Martin Lewis is always plugging them on his web site for the best telecom deal, never seems to mention the poor customer support.

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