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Wales Reveals First 8 Areas for its GBP425m BT Broadband Upgrade

Friday, February 22nd, 2013 (1:10 pm) by Mark Jackson (Score 1,661)

The Welsh Government has today announced the first 8 locations to benefit from its part publicly funded £425m roll-out of superfast broadband ISP services across Wales (UK), which initially aims to make internet download speeds of up to 80Mbps available to 96% of Welsh premises by the end of 2015.

The Superfast Cymru project (not to be confused with Wispa’s Superfarce Cymru spoof site) kicked off this week after BT installed its first state aid supported FTTC street cabinet in the city of Bangor (North West Wales), which will “serve hundreds of homes and businesses in the area“. Sadly locals will need to wait until the network goes live during early spring 2013 before they can benefit.

The First 8 Roll-Out Locations in Wales
Menai Bridge
Ebbw Vale

As part of the effort BT confirmed that it intended to recruit 100 new apprentices, many of whom will work alongside existing engineers to lay the 17,500km of fibre optic cable and 3,000 new street cabinets required to complete the project.

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14 Responses
  1. John O'Dowd

    Why only Ebbw Vale and Tredegar and not the whole of Bleanau Gwent or does not the Abertillery valley count for anything except to pay rates to benefit once again Ebbw Vale

    • Gedget

      Perhaps because of the Enterprise Zones.
      “The Enterprise Zone areas are a priority for the project as these are areas of economic importance for Wales. We are working with each of the seven Enterprise Zones to identify their specific requirements. Following this, we will look to ensure Local Growth Zones (LGZ) are prioritised for roll-out. We are currently looking to establish how we can bring these areas forward in the plan as much as possible. For more information visit the Welsh Enterprise Zones website.”

      Source: http://www.superfast-wales.com/faqs, related link :http://ms.fs4b.wales.gov.uk/sub_sites/enterprise_zone_wales.aspx

  2. fastman

    I assume these will be exchange arease only http://www.sam knows will tell you what exchnage you are serviced from

  3. Jonny

    I have just found out that my cabinet (Cab14) has again for the 4th time been put back, not brought forward with this new Wales fibre roll-out push forward. I live in Cwmaman near Aberdare, South Wales. This time its just been put back until March 2014!

    • Your cab falls under BT’s own private investment and not the BDUK scheme. The two are supposed to be handled separately and so the above effort sadly won’t help to resolve delays in your area.

  4. Jonny

    @ Mark Jackson

    Thanks for the info, but it wasn’t anything more than venting;). I have already made in-roads into my cab14 update, it appears the objection is from the highways section of my local R.C.T council (not planning section). I am in the process of speaking to someone about the delays and offering any assistance if possible (early days). Also gathering info and evidence to write to all my local Welsh Assembly members about this issue.

    For a cabinet to be stuck in planning red tape for this long is unacceptable and I want to at least feel I have done all that can be done by a member of the public. Any more advice on this issue is most welcomed.


  5. Jonny

    @ Mark Jackson (again)

    As admin you could email me and I’ll give you my address and the road junction where cab14 is, if your able and willing to assist any further.


  6. Jonny

    http://www.superfast-wales.com/where-and-when this new Superfast Cymru roll out action plan and website is what I was referring to.

  7. Andy

    @jonny, the http://www.superfast-wales.com/where-and-when relates to the Welsh Government in partnership with BT and not Bts own private investment rollout plan.

  8. Jonny

    Thanks. these partnerships can be tricky to get a grasp of since they all pass the buck when you challenge them. I just would like to try and hurry my cab14 update along if possible, as its painful the thought of waiting over a year, and then its not set in stone for next March either what with the date being pushed back 4 times now.

  9. Darren

    Does anyone know if the BDUK project will complete the missed out cabinets of a fibre enabled area? I also live in Aberdare and my existing cabinet had not been enabled yet (Cab 43) Thanks

    • Peter

      Hi, I’ve been commissioning these cabinets for over 3 years mainly in England, I’ve noticed not every PCP Cabinet has had a DSLAM installed next to them. It might be down to cost and how many customers are connected to the PCP.

  10. Simon

    Is there any way to find out where a specific cabinet is located ?
    I’m living in Llanelli which is already FTTC enabled (in most parts of the area) just not for my home?

    – I am waiting for Cab 83 to become enabled, as this is the cab I am supposed to be serviced from: As Stated by ngb@openreach

  11. I have no requirements for a style of architecture. – Michael Graves

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