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UK ISP BE Broadband Offer 12 Months of Half Price Unlimited Internet

Posted Saturday, February 9th, 2013 (1:55 am) by Mark Jackson (Score 764)
be broadband uk isp

Internet provider BE Broadband, which got into trouble this week for cutting off one of its customers over excessive usage (here), has launched a fresh promotion that offers their “unlimited” broadband packages at half price for 12 months (when taken with a one year contract).

The promotion, which is available until 28th February 2013, sees BE’s prices starting from just £8.50 inc. VAT a month instead of the usual £17 for their entry-level BE Value package. This comes with up to 10Mbps download speeds (1.1Mbps upload), unlimited usage (FUP.. unless you eat 1TB in a single month on a congested telephone exchange), free connection, free wireless router and free 24/7 support.

The deal does not include their optional BE Landline (phone) service, which costs from £10 per month. New customers can benefit from the discount by entering the following promo code during signup – “NEWYEAR13” (without speech marks).

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7 Responses
  1. DanielM

    haha how they would bring out an offer after booting a customer for using the service how ironic.

  2. Cyclope

    Interesting as there is one customer who did not get this 12mths at half price offer when they signed up online, But after contacting BE to complain or query it
    they offered 2 mths free or at half price, So could they being asked more questions by ASA or OFT in the near future if they are in breech of regulations regarding it

  3. Cyclope

    Another interesting fact with this offer that may not actually exist (ghost offer)
    well it becomes one if they fail to give the offer to customers ,
    Is that this same offer is available to existing customers @ half the customers normal price ( Subject to them threatening to leave ) so will be less than the current price for sum, but involves a new 12mth term,also existing customers can’t also add cash back offers, So for comparison sake depending how long the customer has been with be unlimited they could end up paying more than a new customer would with a cash back currently the pro package has a cash back worth £50.50 @ both quidco and topcashback , be pro is also more expensive than some unlimited 80/20 FTTC products

  4. Gareth

    I was with BE for years. It was one of the best ISP’s about but that appears to have all changed, I suspect since O2 gobbled it up. It’s dead in the water now. They used to be the trendsetter in broadband speeds and now they just look on as tacky ISP’s like TalkTalk offer cheaper and faster products.

    Goodbye BE.

  5. Gareth

    * Oh and I forgot. When are they going to change that terrible website? It’s been like that for years!

  6. Sheffield Owl

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.I can only see Be/O2 keep sliding downhill due to lack of fibre,customers leaving in their droves.

  7. Web Dude

    @Cyclope “also existing customers can’t also add cash back offers”

    That’s not uncommon. I would have liked to get the half price fibre deal from Plus.Net (and cashback of 90 quid) but as a customer of PN for nearly 10 years, neither part of the deal would apply. It’s annoying and seems unfair to loyal customers, but these promotions are to grab market share by getting fresh customers from other in the market, exactly the same as some of the mobile deals, insurance deals, and so on.

    I’ve just got the T-Mobile ‘Fully Monty’ (unlimited calls, texts and internet) deal for 16 quid a month (reduced by T-Mobile from 31 quid) and when it eventually pays out, a further 101 quid via TopCashBack. I can imagine someone who never knew about cashback deals and signed up at 31 quid being a bit annoyed I’m paying less than 8 quid for same flexibility as they get.

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