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Gigaclear Opens UK Rural Fibre Optic Broadband Network to More ISPs

Posted Friday, July 26th, 2013 (9:03 am) by Mark Jackson (Score 1,414)
gigaclear uk

Gigaclear, which has installed several 1000Mbps capable fibre optic broadband (FTTP) networks in rural communities around England, has partnered up to adopt Fluidata’s Service Exchange Platform (SEP) that should give those covered by the operators network a greater choice of around 50 ISPs.

Business ISP Fluidata explains that its SEP solution allows internet providers to “accept, provision and deliver customer orders across additional infrastructure provider networks” via a special aggregated open access wholesale network. In other words if you live in a Gigaclear network area but want to choose a different ISP for the same sort of service then that is now possible.

Matthew Hare, Gigaclears CEO, said:

We committed to open up our ultrafast pure fibre networks to other ISPs for the benefit of our current and future customers. This integration with the Fluidata service exchange platform will allow a wide range of residential and business ISPs to seamlessly deliver their services over our networks. Over the next few months we will announce which ISPs will be offering their services across the Gigaclear networks.”

Piers Daniell, MD of Fluidata, said:

Our service exchange platform interconnects ISPs so that they can offer services in new or hard-to-reach areas. This means more business for ISPs and better choice for customers. Gigaclear has ultrafast fibre networks so ISPs could offer new services to help business and residential customers get more from their broadband connection. The partnership will go live in the next few months.”

Fluidata’s SEP platform has also been adopted by the alternative Digital Region network in South Yorkshire and a number of other operators, which has helped them to give consumers a greater choice of ISP and thus make the related networks more attractive.

But of course if consumers would rather stick with Gigaclear then their “unlimited” usage packages start at £37 per month for a symmetric 50Mbps service and go up to £69 for 1000Mbps (1Gbps).

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6 Responses
  1. Phil

    Question is who are the 50 isp’s?

    • BMV

      But these ‘ISPs’ really aren’t ISPs, they are resellers of Fluid Data’s ISP service aren’t they!?
      Fluid Data will give each of their resellers the same rate card from which they package up services.
      Not exactly ISPs in my book, merely resellers?

      please correct me if I am wrong and in fact they are wholesale Fluid Data customers and they run their own ISP infrastructure.

    • No they’re not resellers of Fluidata’s service but they do sell their own products over the service exchange platform. This may help to fill in some of the blanks:


    • DTMark

      It appears to be analogous to BT Wholesale – for instance, on a market 1 exchange, there is only one “ISP” to use equivalent terminology regardless of whose name is on the bill.

      Actually, the experience can vary of course, for instance you might expect Zen or AAISP to get near the “line speed” more often than BT or Plusnet, but the biggest bottleneck – the line speed – remains regardless.

      So with BT Wholesale you get a choice of one set of ISPs but a comparatively poor distribution network to the premises involving copper/aluminium (e.g. phone lines), and with Gigaclear/Fluidata you have a different choice of ISPs with a comparatively good distribution network (fibre).

      I can see my own question at the bottom of that interview – “who will build a distribution network so people can make use of all this bandwidth” and as it turns out Gigaclear were the answer.

  2. FibreFred

    Good stuff, the more choice of ISP’s the better, good move!

  3. BMV

    Coming back to the first question;

    Who are these 50 ISPs?

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