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primus saver uk

21st August, 2014 - 2:37 pm (0 Comments)

Budget ISP Primus Saver (New Call Telecom), which recently scrapped some of their old packages due to low uptake (here and here), has had a website advert for their “Unlimited Broadband for just £2” service banned after one of their customers suffered a mid-contract price rise for both line rental and broadband.


20th August, 2014 - 10:08 am (59 Comments)

Hands up if your broadband ISP makes the upload (upstream) speed of your Internet package clear on their advertising? We thought not. Sadly only a few of the major ISPs even bother to advertise upload performance and those that do only tend to show it on certain products. But how fast you can push information into the online world does matter and its importance is growing.

virgin media 2014 uk logo

13th August, 2014 - 7:17 am (0 Comments)

A regional press advert for Virgin Media’s old cable broadband, phone and TV bundles (specifically the ‘Premiere Collection’) has been banned for being “misleading” by the Advertising Standards Authority after Sky (Sky Broadband) complained that the comparison with its rival ‘The Family Bundle’ was wrong.

bt infinity broadband vision iptv

13th August, 2014 - 6:57 am (10 Comments)

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned a TV advert for BT’s superfast “fibre optic broadband” BTInfinity (FTTC) service after an individual complained that the second set of on-screen text, which contained several significant conditions, was not clearly legible.


10th August, 2014 - 5:39 am (2 Comments)

As predicted last month the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) will next week ban a website advert for a Lycamobile service, which misleadingly claimed to offer “UNLIMITED 4G DATA“, after the operator failed to respond to the advertising watchdogs enquiries.


14th July, 2014 - 1:32 am (8 Comments)

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) looks set to ban an add-on service from Lycamobile, which perhaps misleadingly claimed to offer “UNLIMITED 4G DATA“, after the mobile operator failed to respond to the advertising watchdogs enquiries.

talktalk uk isp

9th July, 2014 - 7:56 am (4 Comments)

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned a mailing, website and press advert for TalkTalk after a member of the public and BT complained that the ISP was misleading the public by claiming to offer “Britain’s lowest priced” totally unlimited broadband service in all three promotions.

bt uk isp logo

9th July, 2014 - 7:23 am (5 Comments)

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned a BT direct mailing advert, which Sky Broadband claimed had mislead recipients of the promotion because it implied that Sky would “switch off” O2′s old fixed line home broadband service in April 2014 (i.e. suggesting that customers might be left stranded).

uk advertising standards authority

11th June, 2014 - 7:45 am (6 Comments)

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint by TalkTalk and several others against a TV advert for BT’s Sport service, which failed to make sufficiently clear that it wasn’t free to business customers or that it was only available to view online, unless customers also had access to Sky Digital or BT TV with superfast broadband via BTInfinity.

uk advertising standards authority

21st May, 2014 - 7:40 am (24 Comments)

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned a direct mailing advert for EE’s Home Broadband service after rival ISP BT complained that the promotions claim to offer “Britain’s most reliable broadband for staying connected” was misleading. But BT had less luck getting a promo for the ISPs BrightBox2 router taken down.


30th April, 2014 - 8:38 am (4 Comments)

A series of complaints by Sky (Sky Broadband) has caused the Advertising Standards Authority to ban a direct mailing promotion for Virgin Media’s broadband, TV and phone bundles, which omitted material information regarding the differences between the two services and failed to make adequately clear the basis of a £214.95 savings claim.


30th April, 2014 - 7:37 am (0 Comments)

The UK Advertising Standards Authority has once again had to ban two adverts for O2′s mobile Internet data roaming tariff (O2 Travel) after it claimed to offer “a day’s data for £1.99 … whatever you get up to on the continent“, which failed to mention the small matter of a 15MB usage cap.


9th April, 2014 - 1:39 pm (15 Comments)

Mobile operator Lycamobile, which uses O2′s Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) platform, has launched a new 4G based top-up (UK Plan 12) that claims to offer 500 UK minutes with “unlimited” texts and data for just £12. Sounds good, until your connection gets throttled back to almost dialup speeds.


5th March, 2014 - 7:58 am (15 Comments)

Sometimes rulings by the Advertising Standards Authority can seem a little overzealous and their latest decision to stop rural fibre optic broadband ISP Gigaclear from advertising absolute Internet speeds (e.g. 1000Mbps without the notorious “up to” prefix) on their website might just stray into that territory. Hyperoptic, B4RN and Gigler take note.

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