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Andrews and Arnold Office

25th May, 2016 - 8:21 am (4 Comments)

The MD of Andrews and Arnold (AAISP), Adrian Kennard, has warned that the cost of continuing to support customers that have few other options than to connect via an ‘up to’ 8Mbps capable ADSL line on BT’s old 20th Century Network (often present in rural areas), has become too expensive to maintain.

uk region map

19th May, 2016 - 11:37 am (27 Comments)

The Government’s £1.7bn Broadband Delivery UK project, which aims to expand fixed “superfast broadband” (24Mbps+) cover to 95% of the United Kingdom by 2017/18 (possibly rising to 97% by 2019), has issued its latest progress update to confirm that 3.84 million extra premises have now benefited.


17th May, 2016 - 2:37 pm (5 Comments)

The Government has today published its proposals for a revised Electronic Communications Code (ECC), which could attract anger from private land owners by making it easier and cheaper for fixed line broadband and mobile providers to access and build new infrastructure on their property.


17th May, 2016 - 12:26 pm (33 Comments)

BT has published some important updates on their broadband products and future UK technology trials, which reveals a plan to test 3db Signal/Noise margins, the first location for their Long Range VDSL (FTTC) trial and removal of BTWholesale’s “stop sell” for Fibre-on-Demand (FoD) lines.

bt superfast fibre broadband openreach uk engineer

17th May, 2016 - 9:22 am (5 Comments)

California-based ASSIA, which sells services to broadband ISPs around the world and occasionally sues BT (here), has claimed that their new DSM Data Sharing technology could enable Openreach to offer “fully unbundled” G.fast to rival ISPs and boost its top speed to 400Mbps.


16th May, 2016 - 3:00 pm (5 Comments)

Israel-based Sckipio, which is building some of the kit for BT’s hybrid-fibre G.fast broadband trials and pilot, has heralded a big improvement to the technology by developing Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) to deliver up to 1.5Gbps in combined upstream and downstream performance.

bt wholesale uk

16th May, 2016 - 9:10 am (6 Comments)

The official BT Wholesale Checker has quietly added a new column to show the availability of their future Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SOGEA) product, which will eventually allow you to order a standalone superfast “fibre broadband” (FTTC / VDSL) line without needing a phone (voice) service.


16th May, 2016 - 8:02 am (18 Comments)

A new “all-industry coalition“, which represents alternative network providers and major UK players like Sky Broadband, TalkTalk and Vodafone, has today put pressure on Ofcom to deliver on its Strategic Review by publishing a plan that sets out how they think the regulator should deliver a better and more independent Openreach.

gfast broadband node

11th May, 2016 - 1:33 am (6 Comments)

Telecoms operator BT has revealed the technical capabilities for their forthcoming pilot of “ultrafast” 300-500Mbps G.fast technology (consumer ISP products should start at 160Mbps), which will be rolled out to cover 25,000 premises in Cambridgeshire and Kent this summer.


9th May, 2016 - 8:33 am (11 Comments)

A group of residents on the new Hopefield development in Bonnyrigg (Scotland), which is managed by Taylor Wimpey, have setup a campaign to get their local Openreach (BT) Street Cabinet upgraded to FTTC (“fibre broadband”) after becoming frustrated by the areas super slow Internet.


7th May, 2016 - 7:29 am (18 Comments)

The Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire project in England has confirmed that its first Broadband Delivery UK based contract has now completed, which means that 95% of local homes and businesses are now within reach of a superfast broadband (24Mbps+) service.


5th May, 2016 - 10:20 am (37 Comments)

Homes and businesses in the remote rural Northumberland (England) village of Coanwood, which is home to around 200 people, have become the latest to benefit from BT’s hybrid Microwave (radio) and VDSL based ‘up to’ 80Mbps Wireless-to-the-Cabinet (WTTC) broadband technology.

bt building logo

5th May, 2016 - 8:47 am (9 Comments)

BT has released its latest Q1 2016 results (calendar), which reveals that their retail division has a total of 9,041,000 broadband subscribers (up by +1.045 million in Q1 vs +130K in Q4 2015) and 4.076m of those are taking their FTTC/P based BTInfinity superfast broadband service (up by +214k vs +250K at the end of 2015).


5th May, 2016 - 7:32 am (47 Comments)

Telecoms giant BT has today announced a major expansion (“subject to regulatory certainty“) of their “ultrafast” Fibre-to-the-Premise (FTTP) broadband network, which will reach 2 million UK homes and businesses (up from around 200,000+ premises today) and complement their future roll-out of 500Mbps capable hybrid-fibre G.fast technology.

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