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channel islands guernsey and jersey uk

27th April, 2016 - 1:47 pm (1 Comment)

The States of Guernsey (Channel Islands) have published a new Connectivity Review, which appears to be the first salvo in what could end up forming the foundation for state intervention to expand the reach of NGA superfast broadband services and improve other aspects of digital connectivity.

superfast cornwall

22nd April, 2016 - 8:24 am (3 Comments)

The Cornwall Council in South West England has unveiled tentative plans for a third “Superfast 2” contract (total value of up to £16.25m) to further expand the local availability of superfast broadband (30Mbps+) services to some of the approximately 39,400 premises that have yet to achieve such speeds.

dorset england uk

21st April, 2016 - 1:21 am (0 Comments)

The Dorset County Council (DCC) in England has started an open procurement exercise to eventually find a supplier and infrastructure to help them build an “ultrafast broadband” network to reach businesses in the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) area.


18th April, 2016 - 1:44 pm (5 Comments)

Over the past two months a growing number of UK councils have begun to consult on how best to use money that has been clawed back (gainshare) from BT in order to further extend local broadband coverage, but this time around they all seem to agree that NGA connectivity starts at 30Mbps, not 24Mbps or 15Mbps.

slow broadband speed

16th April, 2016 - 8:17 am (20 Comments)

The cross-party British Infrastructure Group (BIG), which is led by Grant Schapps MP, has announced the launch of a new campaign that aims to change the “scandal” of how most ISPs advertise broadband speeds that only 10% of the fastest customers can actually achieve.


14th April, 2016 - 10:10 am (35 Comments)

The Government’s Digital Economy Minister, Ed Vaizey, has told a select committee inquiry into digital connectivity that he would expect to start seeing “gigabit” (1000Mbps+) speed broadband from 2020-25 and that the 10Mbps Universal Service Obligation (USO) should be “coming on stream” towards the end of 2017 or 2018.

fttc street cabinet under construction

13th April, 2016 - 9:34 am (0 Comments)

The Connecting Shropshire project in England, which is helping BT to deploy “fibre broadband” (FTTC/P) services to around 95% of local premises by 2018 (around 90% should get 24Mbps+ speeds), could be ready to put out another contract tender to further extend coverage in July or September 2016.

House Under Construction

12th April, 2016 - 1:39 pm (25 Comments)

Suffolk’s Deputy County Council Leader, Christopher Hudson, has called on the local authority to consider making it a requirement of the planning process for property developers to ensure that their new build homes support superfast broadband connectivity.

connecting devon and somerset uk logo map

11th April, 2016 - 3:12 pm (1 Comment)

The £94m Connecting Devon and Somerset project in England has announced the introduction of a new subsidy scheme (worth up to £500 per property), which is designed to help those stuck on sub-2Mbps broadband speeds to get a 10Mbps or faster connection installed.


7th April, 2016 - 12:44 pm (33 Comments)

The UK telecoms regulator has today launched a new ‘Call for Inputs‘ to help inform the design of the Government’s proposed broadband Universal Service Obligation (USO), which would ensure that everybody could get a minimum Internet speed of 10Mbps (Megabits per second) by 2020.

pirate internet piracy flag

7th April, 2016 - 10:26 am (2 Comments)

The Government’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has today published a very basic piece of new guidance that is designed to help consumers who may have received a letter that accuses them of having shared copyright material online via P2P (BitTorrent) file sharing networks.

internet snooping uk

4th April, 2016 - 10:53 am (9 Comments)

The UK Labour Party has today set out a list of changes that it would like to see being made to the controversial Draft Investigatory Powers Bill, which aims to force broadband ISPs into logging a much bigger slice of your online activity and to then share it with the security services.

City of london square mile united kingdom

31st March, 2016 - 3:35 pm (23 Comments)

The Foundation for Information Society Policy (FISP) think-tank has said that some 20 cities in the United Kingdom are on their way to rolling out Gigabit (1000Mbps+) class broadband services, but London isn’t one of them and they want the capital’s mayoral candidates to change that.

fiber optic cable bright

29th March, 2016 - 1:26 pm (3 Comments)

The city of Liverpool is already well covered by “superfast” (24Mbps+) capable broadband services, but the local authority are now looking to further boost connectivity to “ultrafast” levels (usually 100Mbps+ or Gigabit territory) by renting out their underground cable ducts to private investment.

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