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isp Internet download speed arrow uk

19th November, 2014 - 1:30 pm (11 Comments)

A new report has produced a detailed breakdown of the top 20 fastest broadband providers in the United Kingdom by Internet download speed, which goes into significantly more depth than most of the other studies we’ve seen. Overall Hyperoptic’s FTTH network in London tops the table, while TalkTalk’s low cost and ADSL dominated solution gets pushed to the bottom.

uk internet statistics

18th November, 2014 - 1:15 am (0 Comments)

How important are Internet upload speeds to your broadband ISP connection? According to our latest survey of 1,483 readers, some 41.3% of respondents considered upload performance to be an important part of their Internet use (58.5% rated it as “Not Important“), yet most of the largest national providers still choose not to promote it.

uk \"up to\" broadband speeds

17th November, 2014 - 9:17 am (13 Comments)

Consumer magazine Which? has once again called for Internet providers to offer consumers a Broadband Speed Guarantee after its latest online survey of over 2,000 UK adults found that only 5% of people agreed that the way service speeds are currently advertised is the clearest way.


13th November, 2014 - 7:59 am (6 Comments)

The Government’s national Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) programme, which aims to make fixed line superfast broadband (24Mbps+) connections available to 95% of people in the United Kingdom by 2017, has now helped more than 1.5 million homes and businesses to gain access to the service (up by +500K since August 2014). Superfast connections can now allegedly be taken by 80% of the UK.

talktalk uk isp

11th November, 2014 - 8:05 am (5 Comments)

Low cost ISP TalkTalk has published their latest Q3-2014 (calendar) results, which saw broadband subscribers increase by +15,000 in the quarter to total 4,221,000 (up from +10k in Q2 and the same in Q1). Meanwhile the joint roll-out of their 1Gbps capable FTTP broadband network in York has finally started the build phase. A new Talk2Go app for iOS and Android is also out (i.e. mobile calls over a fixed line).

virgin media 2014 uk logo

6th November, 2014 - 8:07 am (0 Comments)

National cable operator Virgin Media (Liberty Global) has recovered from Q2’s dismal performance, when they lost -12k broadband subscribers (mostly to students that were returning home for the summer and the decline in non-cable ADSL subscribers), by adding +37,600 last quarter (Q3-2014) to total 4,561,800 customers.

4g mobile broadband uk wireless lte technology

5th November, 2014 - 12:39 pm (4 Comments)

A new study of Mobile Broadband (3G and 4G) performance across the United Kingdom, which was conducted by consumer magazine Which? and OpenSignal, has found that Vodafone had the fastest 4G (LTE) based Internet download speeds over the past three months (13.21Mbps) and that’s somewhat better than the average fixed line ADSL home broadband connection that clocks in at 7.4Mbps.

cable duct messy

3rd November, 2014 - 8:42 am (19 Comments)

A new report from the EEF trade association, which claims to champion manufacturing and engineering in the United Kingdom and Europe, has highlighted the problem of “deteriorating confidence” in wide areas of the country’s infrastructure, especially the road networks, broadband connectivity and energy supply.

broadband internet speed speedometer

31st October, 2014 - 11:09 am (34 Comments)

The United Kingdom’s telecoms regulator, Ofcom, has suggested that there is an “increasingly compelling argument” for fixed line broadband download speeds of 10Mbps (Megabits per second) to be considered a requirement for an “effective quality of service,” especially where there is simultaneous use of the connection by different services or users within the home.

bt building logo

30th October, 2014 - 8:37 am (32 Comments)

National UK telecoms giant BT has today posted their latest results for Q3-2014 (calendar), which reported slowing retail broadband growth to total 7,473,000 customers (up by +88k versus the +104k added in Q2 and +170k in Q1). The operator also revealed that their superfast capable “fibre broadband” (FTTC/P) network could now reach 21 million homes and businesses (premises passed).


27th October, 2014 - 10:07 am (4 Comments)

The latest survey of 2,000 adults in the United Kingdom by Halifax, which queried what kind of impact broadband connectivity would have on house buying, found that 23% would attempt to negotiate a lower price if the property had a poor broadband connection, while 20% would pay more for a home with “good broadband” and 18% said broadband had been merely a consideration during past moves.

ee uk logo

22nd October, 2014 - 7:52 am (0 Comments)

Internet and mobile operator EE has today published their latest results for Q3-2014, which saw fixed line home broadband subscribers grow at a slightly slower pace to top 793,000 customers (up +18k in Q3, which is down from +30k in Q2 and level with +19k in Q1). Meanwhile their 4G (LTE) users grew +1.4 million to top 5.6m (roughly level with Q2 growth).


21st October, 2014 - 5:07 pm (6 Comments)

The London focused fixed wireless (4G) broadband ISP, Relish (UK Broadband Ltd.), has today released an interesting if not particularly scientific piece of promotional material that involves a representative from the provider offering £50 to anybody who actually knows their land line telephone number.

bt openreach logo uk

17th October, 2014 - 8:01 am (0 Comments)

BTOpenreach, which works to maintain and upgrade BT’s national telecoms and broadband network across the United Kingdom, looks set to update their performance information website (www.expect.openreach.co.uk) next week with the latest repair statistics and the addition of some interesting new features.

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