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  • SamKnows
    Broadband coverage information source.

  • Thinkbroadband
    Excellent group covering everything and anything related to consumer and business R/ADSL broadband technologies.

  • The Register
    Highly popular news site covering many topics.

  • SkyUser
    Excellent consumer forum for BSkyB's customers.

  • Compare Broadband
    MoneySupermarket - Compare broadband internet providers and cheap broadband deals to get a faster speed at a lower price.

  • OrangeProblems
    Excellent consumer forum for Orange customers.

  • Broadband Suppliers
    Find cheap broadband packages and deals from UK broadband internet providers.

  • Auditmypc
    Speed tester.

  • Broadband Genie
    Broadband ISP comparison website.

  • Broadband Choices
    Compare Broadband and ADSL prices, download speeds and contract lengths from over 100 UK providers.

  • Top 10 Broadband
    Broadband ISP comparison website.

  • Broadband-Finder
    Broadband ISP comparison website.

  • Cheap Broadband Providers
    Simple site with helpful guides.

    Broadband ISP comparison website.

  • UK Broadband World
    Broadband ISP comparison website.

  • Broadband Checker
    Service that allows you to check broadband availability in your area.

  • Broadband Resource Centre
    Broadband ISP comparison website.

  • Mobile Broadband
    Mobile broadband comparison website

  • One Way Internet
    Interesting blog that charts the disparity between upload and download speeds among asymmetric broadband ISPs.

  • The Mobile Broadband Blog
    3G mobile broadband news and reviews from the UK.

  • Satellite internet provider
    Satellite internet services from Bentley Walker. Access high speed satellite internet connection. Broadband internet connection at cheap rates. Internet via Satalite.

  • Mobile broadband
    Mobile broadband comparison site offering information, reviews and guides to broadband and mobile broadband providers in the UK.

  • Mobile broadband Australia
    Australian mobile broadband and home broadband comparison site including news and guides to home broadband and mobile broadband plans.

  • Mobile broadband US
    US site covering internet, broadband and 3g mobile broadband comparison and consumer guides. Regularly updated with the latest mobile broadband and internet news.

  • Compare Broadband
    Compare Broadband is a regularly updated broadband blog with the latest news, deals and updates within the broadband industry.

  • Unlimited Broadband
    Get up-to-date unlimited broadband deals, news and reviews.

  • Broadband Analyst UK
    Nice broadband information and news site.

  • DSL Anbieter Vergleich in Deutschland.
    Preisvergleich wechseln sparen!

  • Mobile broadband
    Compare cheap and best 3G mobile broadband deals in UK from the leading mobile broadband providers.

  • Mobile Broadband
    UK Mobile Broadband Deals - News, guides, reviews and comparison tables all about mobile broadband.

  • Landline Saver - ISP comparison website
    Compare and switch your home phone and broadband provider - Great savings to be made.

  • Broadband & Phone
    Compare & check coverage of broadband and phone packages including fibre optic broadband in your area.

  • Broadband Deals
    Compare the latest broadband deals in the UK from leading ISPs including Sky, BT and Virgin Media.

  • Broadband Choice
    Compare the latest broadband deals, packages and offers from the leading UK providers.

  • Tele-Connect
    Telephone and Datacoms engineering service.

Miscellaneous Networking Related Links
  • Website Hosting Review UK
    UK Independent Website Hosting Provider Reviews, News, Forums, Polls, Articles and more.

  • - the premier short URL service
    Turn long and complex website addresses into short and simple URLs that you can share online, in print or even in person.

  • NetMonitor Tools
    Website with lots of tools to test your Internet connection with.

    High-speed broadband, network services and hosting solutions.

  • Entanet
    Popular ISP supplier.

  • Webperf
    Monitors the network performance of many hosting providers and some ISP's.

  • Patch Cables
    Visit Universal Networks who provide services for networks to all industry types. Their online store has a wide range of from patch cables to copper networking cables.

  • Network Cables
    Visit DTTUK who are a leading UK supplier of networking cables, computer network cabling, structured cable, data and fibre optic connectors, patch leads and many more.

Miscellaneous SEO & Recoprical Links
  • 0800 Numbers
    0800 Numbers available in the UK from the leading non-geographic specialists. City Numbers also supply 03, 0845 and Virtual UK and International numbers of your choice.

  • Search engine optimization
    Useful SEO service.

  • 0845 Numbers
    Specialists in 0845 Numbers, 0800 Freephone Numbers, 0808 Numbers, Geographic and Non Geographic Numbers, Premium Rate Numbers and more.

  • Educational Software
    At JourneyEd students will find educational software up to 85% off retail pricing on over 100,000 software titles.

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