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  • SamKnows
    Broadband coverage information source.

  • Thinkbroadband
    Excellent group covering everything and anything related to consumer and business R/ADSL broadband technologies.

  • The Register
    Highly popular news site covering many topics.

  • SkyUser
    Excellent consumer forum for BSkyB's customers.

  • Compare Broadband
    MoneySupermarket - Compare broadband internet providers and cheap broadband deals to get a faster speed at a lower price.

  • OrangeProblems
    Excellent consumer forum for Orange customers.

  • Broadband Suppliers
    Find cheap broadband packages and deals from UK broadband internet providers.

  • Auditmypc
    Speed tester.

  • Broadband Choices
    Compare Broadband and ADSL prices, download speeds and contract lengths from over 100 UK providers.

  • UK Broadband World
    Broadband ISP comparison website.

  • Broadband Checker
    Service that allows you to check broadband availability in your area.

  • One Way Internet
    Interesting blog that charts the disparity between upload and download speeds among asymmetric broadband ISPs.

  • Broadband Analyst UK
    Nice broadband information and news site.

  • Broadband Choice
    Compare the latest broadband deals, packages and offers from the leading UK providers.

  • Tele-Connect
    Telephone and Datacoms engineering service.

Miscellaneous Networking Related Links

  • Website Hosting Review UK
    UK Independent Website Hosting Provider Reviews, News, Forums, Polls, Articles and more.

  • uk.easynet.net
    High-speed broadband, network services and hosting solutions.

  • Webperf
    Monitors the network performance of many hosting providers and some ISP's.

Cheapest Superfast ISPs
  • PlusNet £3.99 (*14.99)
    * Speed: 38Mbps - Unlimited
    * Gift: None
  • TalkTalk £5.00 (*15.00)
    * Speed: 38Mbps - Unlimited
    * Gift: £100 Love2shop
  • BT £7.50
    * Speed: 38Mbps - 20GB
    * Gift: None
  • Virgin Media £7.50 (*17.50)
    * Speed: 50Mbps - Unlimited (FUP)
    * Gift: None
  • Hyperoptic £9.00 (*22.00)
    * Speed: 100Mbps - Unlimited
    * Gift: None
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