ISP Subscriber Size Log 2017

This page displays a log of past updates to our 'Top 10 ISPs By Subscriber Size' list, it is updated each time we make a change and provides for a useful calendar history of quarterly growth between the country's biggest ISPs.

UK Subscriber Size History Backup Logs

Top 10 Broadband ISPs by Subscriber Size History - 2017
15th March 2017
XLN Telecom Q4-2016 results, total 75,000 broadband customers.

16th February 2017
Virgin Media Q4-2016 results, total 4,916,700 broadband customers (up by +48,800) (related news).

2nd February 2017
Vodafone Q4-2016 results, total 183,000 broadband customers (up by +16,000) (related news).

27th January 2017
BT Q4-2016 results, total 9,276,000 broadband customers (up by +83,000) (related news).

26th January 2017
Sky Broadband H2-2016 results, total 6,104,000 broadband customers (up by +140,000) (related news).

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