By: MarkJ - 24 August, 2011 (8:26 AM)
uk parliament internet censorshipThe UK Parliament has launched an official inquiry into child safety online, which will be run by Claire Perry (Conservative MP for Wiltshire). Perry is perhaps best known for calling upon all UK ISPs to implement an automatic universal block of internet porn sites by implementing an age restricted opt-in system (here).

Many ISPs already offer Parental Controls and most mobile phone operators also impose similar restrictions by default, which often require Credit Card Verification to disable. There are also plenty of third party solutions available. In fact there's no shortage of options for anxious parents.

According to PC Pro the new inquiry would, "establish the arguments for and against network-level filtering of content that would require an 18 rating in other forms of media" (e.g. pornography and other violent material). Perry will also examine what forms of regulation could be used, assuming ISPs don't make it easier to block such content.

Sadly some parents have been lax with their family's online security and might not even consider such issues when picking a new broadband ISP, although that's hardly the fault of the internet providers; there's plenty of choice.

Separately Ofcom's review into the viability of website blocking measures (here) recently discovered that "the provisions as they stand would not be effective". Children are often more knowledgeable of related circumvention methods than their parents.

A danger exists that some parents may be given a false sense of security by skin deep restrictions, which can be easily bypassed. Ultimately good parenting and simple changes, such as moving your family computer into the living room (admittedly that's not ideal for doing homework), can make a world of difference.

The inquiry will include approximately 60 MPs and gather feedback from ISPs as well as parents and many others. A final report is expected in November 2011.
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asa logoLBC Listener
Posted: 24 August, 2011 - 9:20 AM
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LBC 97.3 - 11am today Claire Perry MP to discuss Internet porn with fmr Home Sec, Jacqui Smith. Questions to Jacqui Smith via LBC site
asa logoJames Firth
Posted: 24 August, 2011 - 10:55 AM
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How can an official inquiry to "establish the arguments for and against network-level filtering" be run by someone with such strong pro-filtering views?!

For a far more credible inquiry, surely it should be fronted by a small panel of recognised experts with a range of views...
asa logoBTSUCKS
Posted: 24 August, 2011 - 11:04 AM
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I listened to 5 minutes of the radio show and did have to laugh that Jacqui Smith is in favour of blocking internet porn even though she claimed porn on her MP expenses previously.

Her argument when that was raised is that is when she realised it was too easily accessible...... The only problem with that argument is if i remember rightly (and if im wrong i apologise) is the porn she claimed for was PPV based not internet and it wasnt a child that accessed it but her husband.

Does she want a man filter or child filter for such things?

Closed the link down after that and concluded it was more clueless discussion from those that have been in power with no idea about technology or how it works.

If our modern day nanny state had any clue then discussions like this would be a good thing, unfortunately they all seem thick as 2 short planks and dont even realise how dumb they sound.
asa logoJames
Posted: 24 August, 2011 - 4:01 PM
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Now its "adult content" and next it will be blocking of alternative points of view, free speech and the like. You know this is the agenda behind it, the el-ites don't care about your kids they just want to keep you enslaved...
asa logoBTSUCKS
Posted: 24 August, 2011 - 5:43 PM
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I wouldnt quite be as conspiracy sounding as that James, but yep, its a rocky path. Only weeks ago camerloon and friends were discussing blocking twitter, facebook etc.
asa logotimeless
Posted: 25 August, 2011 - 12:34 AM
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trouble is, legislation like this will easily be passed.. why? because parents cant be bothered to install filters and keep an eye on their childrens internet usage..

it saddens me that its somehow become someone elses job to keep an eye on the next generation because parents are too lazy to actually parent their children and expect the internet to act as a daycare facility. proper parents who do their job properly will actually learn the technology and will also pro actively monitor their childrens email and IM messages and never allow their children unrestricted access to the internet without being able to look over their shoulder..

by definition a parent is "A guardian; a protector." since when has it become the governments job to legislate that? and since when did it become the ISPs job to be parents online?
asa logo@Coagulative
Posted: 25 August, 2011 - 9:05 AM
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Ummm... Why the hell should it be an 'opt in' scenario for adult content? I've heard of phone companies doing this where you must have a credit card to verify your age and the like. Well, what about the rest of us that are legally adults and don't have credit cards? Why should we have to 'opt in' to receive pornography, violent material and other materials we don't want our children seeing? Or in some cases go through the embarrassment of asking some snotty phone operator we want to 'opt in' for the adult content?

Surely it'd make more sense to have this as an 'opt out' feature, where if you have kids and want to block certain parts of the internet, you just tell your ISP...

But oh, wait... is this because MPs such as herself are technological retards? They don't understand how it works and thus want to make it idiot proof? Suggestion Ms Perry - get an education :)
asa logoBTSUCKS
Posted: 25 August, 2011 - 11:52 PM
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@Timeless it more than saddens me, it angers me we have such fools running this country which feel compelled they must wrap other fools with the same IQ when it comes to technology in cotton wool.

Enough of their meddling i say. They need to stick to their job, running the country and its prosperity, (which they cant do) rather than worrying about little billy seeing some breast on the internet or blaming some other little group of tweens for riots. Even though it turns out most were 20 years of age or older.

The phrase couldnt organise a BEEP up in a brewery springs to mind.
(swear word edited in case they spend a hundred grand of tax payer cash to come kick in my door for typing a naughty word that little billy saw on the internet... Damn idiots!) wink
asa logotimeless
Posted: 27 August, 2011 - 12:44 AM
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actually, while the government are making a complete fool of themselves when it comes to technology, there is a public call for this kinda legislation.. most parents who cant be bothered to parent their kids net activities seem to think its someone elses job and call on the government to legislate it which infuriates me.

talking about breasts.. doesnt the sun still have a page 3 girl every week? nothing seems to be done about that.. yet another reason this nation is run by hypocrites.. its acceptable to have someone with their tits out in the paper but the moment they are accessible online somehow the freedom of such content seems bad, when parents themselves should be bringing up their kids, not the government through legislation, especially when it would be costly to implement but so easy to circumvent.

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