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Thread: Recommendations

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    Talking Recommendations

    Looking for a new isp and wondering what the post office was like?


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    I switched a non DSL landline to the Post Office's most expensive Homephone and Broadband package in January.

    Broadband performance is great, but there are other problems.

    1) They don't answer emails

    2) It is uncertain if you will get ADSL2 when your BT exchange has it

    3) They ship a router with their own locked firmware onboard

    4) Facilities like Caller ID cost extra!

    The biggest (ongoing) problem I've got is that from being connected on 16th February 2010, they've yet to take a premium from my bank account, and I have just discovered... they've yet to take over voice functions of my line!

    BT have just billed me for 100 in calls which the Post Office should have been responsible for - and which would have almost all have proven to be inclusive within their current 25.50 a month!

    I'm about to call them for the umpteenth time, but have yet so speak to a soul who knows their ar$e from their elbow!

    A letter to the Chairmans Office will be prepared and sent shortly, asking them to get their act in order and demanding they settle my BT bill!


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