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NDO Interview
By Mark 'Winter' Jackson : Feb 1st-2005 : Page 1 of 3

"we have seen very strong growth in customer numbers especially new users joining us for ADSL broadband"

UK ISP NDO has been in operation, albeit initially under different names (NetDirect and Ision until 2003), since 1995. This makes it one of the country’s oldest providers and thus an ideal candidate for our project.

In an effort to better understand the market, we wanted to know how ISP’s themselves view issues such as SPAM, VoIP, future broadband and local loop unbundling (LLU) etc.

To do this we set out to interview a number of different providers, some distinguished by their choice of technology, others for their method of content delivery. We kick off with NDO:

1) Who are you and what do you do?

Sam Hill, Development Director at NDO. This means I am responsible for all our systems development (such as billing and email systems) along with product design and specification for our current and future product offerings.

2) What is your ISP doing both now and in the future towards cutting down the amount of SPAM and e-mail viruses sent to customers?

In August 2004, NDO launched its own in-house developed Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus system called NEWT; this was the result of a £200,000 investment in a new email platform designed specifically to combat the problems of spam and viruses. This offers all users of NDO a spam protected mailbox by default with fully customisable options including allowing users to configure the strength of the spam filter and how identified spam emails are handled – such as changing the subject line or moving the spam to a special Spam Folder. We decided against deploying a blanket anti-spam service across all users as every user’s individual approach to spam emails is different and NDO needed to supply a system that was flexible and dynamic enough to offer every user the control they required.

You can view real-time statistics on our Anti-Spam system at:

The blue line on the graphs shows the volume of Spam emails intercepted and detected by the system. On average about 50% of all emails received by our email systems are classified as Spam.

3) Was 2004 a good year for your provider or a bad year and why?

2004 was a good year for NDO - we have seen very strong growth in customer numbers especially new users joining us for ADSL broadband; NDO also was a finalist in the 2004 ISPA Awards in two categories “Best national Consumer ISP” and “Best Hosting Provider” which highlighted the strength of the NDO services and offerings. NDO have also almost doubled our staff levels in both Customer Services and Technical Support strengthening our 24 hour support offering, this reflects both the continuing growth in our customer base and our continuing desire of NDO to ensure all customers receive the best possible level of service.

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