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Looking Forward - 2005
By Mark 'Winter' Jackson : Dec 13th-2004 : Page 1 of 3

"The fast paced (improved) rollout of broadband ADSL services has hit certain developing and older technologies hard."

With every passing year the Internet evolves, shaping and reshaping itself into our society through technological developments and content. The past two years have centralised this process on establishing both fast and affordable broadband, slowly forcing dial-up into a steady decline.

Typically such an evolution has already begun changing our lives, with more people spending longer online than ever before. The growth in online shopping can be used as one example, having not only facilitated cost savings (cheaper products), but also cut the number of cars using the road, related fuel costs and people in high-street queues, thus reducing stress and saving time.

Please remember, many of the technologies named in this article can be further detailed by visiting our ‘Broadband’ section.

Fading Technology

The fast paced (improved) rollout of broadband ADSL services has hit certain developing and older technologies hard. The increased coverage, improved flexibility and strong competition mean that the vast majority now have access to affordable broadband.

Sadly this surge has left several rival products, Satellite and Powerline (PLC) specifically, facing an uncertain future. Both have always been niche technologies, with Powerline remaining stuck in trial phase and Satellite only appealing to remote communities or certain isolated businesses.

Thankfully the dynamics of Satellite (100% coverage) means there will always be a place for it, even if that area of viability becomes increasingly restricted. The same can not be said for Powerline, which has remained largely muted during 2004 having failed to establish itself. PLC is likely to fall off the chart completely unless it can redeem itself before the end of 2005.

Most obvious of all is the continuing decline of dial-up, a technology likely to survive a few more years purely because of its existing hold and the fact that many still do not see the advantages of broadband. Dial-up modems can also plug into any phone line and instantly connect to an ISP, an advantage that neither Cable nor ADSL can match.

Future Technology

While dreams of super-fast 10,15,20,25 and 30Mbps connections may linger longingly in the forefront of our minds, next year is more likely to bring investment in local loop unbundling (LLU) than faster services.

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