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ISP Review interviews Duncan Ingram (Senior VP) BTOpenworld

BTOpenworld Interview - Part 1
By Mark Jackson : November 23rd 2001 : Page 1 of 3

"The introduction of new technology has not been without it's problems and lessons have been learnt"

It's no secret that R/ADSL broadband Internet access has been on the UK market for just over a year and yet coverage is still limited to dense urban areas, with just 1/8th of BTs exchanges having been updated (1000+ out of roughly 8000).

While they don't consider themselves directly related to the operations of BTIgnite or Wholesale, BTOpenworld is still the largest broadband and narrowband providing ISP in the UK for R/ADSL services. While customer experience has shown that they may not be the most promising of such ISPs, it does make them a good choice for our interview.

Just over a month ago ISP Review was kindly invited to interview Duncan Ingram, BTOpenworld's Senior Vice President. Please note that some questions were removed by BTO due to not being directly related, these include one or two of the questions we included from 'readers'.

It's also worth remembering that these were asked BEFORE the recent launch of their Satellite services and the bad press surrounding other aspects of the ISP, consequently several questions may appear dated:

1) Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you do at BTOpenworld?

My name is Duncan Ingram and I am Senior Vice President BTopenworld responsible for Consumer Internet Services (narrowband and broadband) in the UK. Previously I was responsible for UK Narrowband ISP services and European Narrowband ISPs within BTopenworld.

2) What prompted the decision to merge BTInternet's dialup ISP service into the BTOpenworld broadband service?

What we have done is create a much more customer-focussed organisation bringing all our consumer ISP activities together and offering customers a journey from PAYG to Anytime unmetered through to Broadband

3) Have you faced any difficulties in merging BTInternet and other systems/services into the central BTOpenworld hub?

The eHub project for BTopenworld has been tasked to deliver a rearchitecting of our OSS infrastructure based upon a middleware integration architecture.

The first phase of the project has completed its integration phase and is now being aligned with the Broadband product release programme to support the order fulfilment process for Business and Consumer broadband products.

The introduction of new technology has not been without it's problems and lessons have been learnt which will be applied for the later phases of the project this year. This was the intent of keeping the phase 1 integration scope limited to allow these lessons to be learnt.

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