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Guest writer 'Paul Dinsmore' discusses ISP security and firewalls

ISP Security & Responsibility
By Paul Dinsmore : April 24th - 2002 : Page 1 of 4

"The fact is, whatever the truth may be, people believe that their Service Provider is responsible for security"

PLEASE NOTE: This article is a 'guest' written piece by Paul Dinsmore, Sales Director @ Global Sales of Preventon, providers of the Preventon personal firewall. He can be contacted on 011 8959 5000 or visit - ISP Review is not responsible for this item.

Argue all you like and it makes no difference. The fact is, whatever the truth may be, people believe that their Service Provider is responsible for security. In these cash-strapped times, it's a worrying assumption with serious ramifications for long-term customer retention. Paul Dinsmore, Sales Director, Global Sales of Preventon, argues there is a way to not only meet customer expectations but make money from it as well.

The reality of the Internet today appears doubly stark due to the hype of yesterday. Instead of the huge piles of cash and stock options promised, simply turning a profit is becoming a pipe dream for many. It is definitely not a good place to find yourself in and to start moving in the right direction will be no easy process.

As an Internet Service Provider, you know that content and advertising are not going to be hugely successful business models. Put simply, you need to get more people on-line for longer. But now, the pressure is for flat-rate pricing not only for broadband but also dial-up services. That's more demands on your infrastructure for diminishing revenue returns.

For other Service Providers - such as banks, retail organisations and utilities - looking towards e-commerce and e-business as an alternative and profitable revenue streams, you need consumers to change their patterns of consumption. They have to be 100% confident in every part of the service you deliver. That means security.

Both types of Service Providers have to focus on security, especially personal firewalls. But, it could easily become difficult to control cost and further drains funds and resources without offering any noticeable service improvement to customers.

Then again, it could be one of the most important steps a Service Provider takes. It could launch an entirely new revenue stream and pave the way to developing new value-add services that help to develop customer loyalty. Welcome to the world of subscription-based firewalls.

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