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ISP's On ADSLMax Concerns
By Mark 'Winter' Jackson : Jun 7th - 2006 : Page 1 of 5

"early adopters have seen a stark mixture of success and failure"

Designed to improve existing broadband ADSL connections by isolating a lines best speed and thus increasing bandwidth up to a theoretical maximum of 8Mbps, BT’s MAX technology was to be greeted with open arms.

Unfortunately early adopters have seen a stark mixture of success and failure. Most have been lucky enough to end up with a reasonably stable and higher quality connection, while others faced all manor of connection speed and stability issues.

To date some improvements have been made, yet a number of problems still remain. In order to clarify these issues we have enlisted the help of NewNet's Peter Milford, [ANONYMOUSE ISP] and Vispa Internet’s Mike Griffin to answer a number of commonly seen reader questions. The results are, to say the least, interesting.

NOTE: These questions were also put to several other providers, without response.

1) Why were ADSLMax regraders not properly warned (prior to the process starting) that there would be a 10 day training period, which has the capacity to cause speed and connection stability problems?

******: We warned all of our users about the 10 day training process both as part of the regrading procedure and in a series of emails sent to the users are the regrade happened to make sure they were informed. Also on our users forum we have a number of posts detailing what to expect from the training period. We are working to extend the information offered to explain this in further detail.

Vispa: As soon as the MAX product was announced I was actually placing orders on staff accounts whilst still in the conference call with BT. This was so we could see for ourselves how the product was going to perform before we let it loose on our user database. Well, that was the plan! Now because ‘good’ news travels fast we were receiving calls from end-users within about thirty minutes of the news going public. Some we asked to wait and a few other ‘tech savvy’ customers who did not or were not prepared to wait we allowed through, after we had informed them that we didn’t know exactly how things were going to pan out.

As far as we were concerned not that many exchanges were going to be upgraded, so when they announced that all but one had been done it sort of caught us off guard as I’m sure it did with most of the other ISP’s. We knew though that there was going to be a ‘training period’ and warned our end-users accordingly with the information we had to hand.

NewNet: NewNet have always made information available to users – part of the ADSL MAX FAQ page available via the NewNet web site at

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