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Summary of UK FTTP Build Progress Across Broadband ISPs UPDATE44

Tuesday, April 14th, 2020 (12:01 am) - Score 56,713
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The list also focuses on those operators that are building FTTP to homes, as well as SME businesses. Sadly business-only (B2B) fibre builds are more bespoke and tend to reflect the more expensive market for private leased lines, which is of little interest to most of our readership and will not be covered below.

One final point to make concerns consolidation. The current market is peppered with lots of smaller players and most have some very grand ambitions for growth, although they can’t all succeed. In the future we’d expect to see a fair bit of consolidation between the more established players, not least because once built FTTP can be quite a potent asset, especially if it has no local rivals (e.g. Cityfibre has acquired FibreNation from TalkTalk).

NOTE: Sadly some providers haven’t publicly stated their build targets and don’t keep us informed about progress (we’d ask operators to help fill in any blanks below). Build stats below are only for FTTP and none of the plans have yet had a chance to adjust for the COVID-19 crisis in 2020.

The 4th Utility (Vision Fibre Media)
Ambition: Aiming for 300,000 UK premises (new build homes) by autumn 2023 (here) – initial roll-out plan for 10,000 by end of 2020.
Current Coverage: c.12,500 premises passed.
Est. Monthly Build Rate: 1,800 premises (Aug 2020)
Investment: £25m from DIF Capital Partners.
Note: Partnered with Sky (SKY Q will be offered to all customers), as well as FullComms and various property developers. Gobble 10,000 London premises via Vision Fibre Media in March 2021 (here).

AtoB Networks
Ambition: Unknown but limited deployments in several villages west of Exeter (Devon).
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: Micro ISP run by John Watkins.

Axione UK
Ambition: Unknown UK roll-out of a new Gigabit fibre network.
Current Coverage: None
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: At present they’ve only been solidly linked to a project in Aberdeenshire, Scotland (here).

Ambition: Aiming to cover 50,000 premises in England and Wales by 2021 (most via FTTP), then 500,000 by 2025 (here).
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: £16m investment from the National Digital Infrastructure Fund and £25m in existing contractual BDUK subsidies (here). Aberdeen Standard Investments (ASI) now holds a majority stake and has made a significant, albeit undisclosed, funding commitment.
Note: Most of their 20,000 current premises passed are via fixed wireless, but Airband is switching more to FTTP for future builds.

Ambition: Deploying FTTP in some rural parts of Northumberland, Durham and possibly Shropshire (here and here).
Current Coverage: c.100 Premises (Alnwick)
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: Railsite Telecom are a key investor.
Note: Started as a fixed wireless ISP but now branching out into full fibre.

Broadway Partners (Broadway Broadband)
Ambition: Aims to cover 500,000 rural UK premises by the end of 2022 (here), starting in Wales and Scotland.
Current Coverage: sub-100 premises passed
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: Until recently they most deployed fixed wireless networks, but are now planning a lot more FTTP.

Ambition: Target of 30,000 properties in their current rural England build plan by mid-2021, possibly rising to 40,000 by March 2022 (with 20,000 customers) and then 70,000 by 2025/26 (here).
Current Coverage: 7,235 homes connected (live customers).
Est. Monthly Build Rate: 150 – 250
Investment: £7m in shares, £3.3m from a Triodos Bond, £1.6m in community investor loans and £2.3m worth of gigabit broadband vouchers (GBVS and RGC).
Note: Adopts a volunteer build and funding arrangement (volunteers paid in shares) via a community interest company model.

Ambition: Building unknown amounts of FTTP in Bedfordshire, Essex and Kent (here).
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: Details on the FTTP side of their network build are vague.

Borderlink Broadband
Ambition: Planning to rollout FTTP across parts of Southern Scotland, Cumbria and Northumberland (here).
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: £10.5m from the Gresham House Investment Fund (BSIF) and a £100k loan from Business Loans Scotland.
Note: Operates a rural Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) network, but not moving to deploy 10Gbps FTTP into urban and rural areas in border communities.

Box Broadband
Ambition: 10,000 premises passed by end of 2020 in England (Surrey, West Sussex, Hampshire), rising to c.160,000 premises by 2023 and 200,000 thereafter (here).
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: Little is known about their funding and current premises passed level.

Balquhidder Community Broadband
Ambition: 195 premises in Balquhidder, Scotland (here).
Current Coverage: 146 connected
Est. Monthly Build Rate: n/a (small build is largely complete)
Investment: £430,000
Note: Impressive community build project for a remote rural area.

Lit Fibre (formerly Broadreach Networks)
Ambition: General FTTP rollout targetting 500,000 UK homes by 2026 (here), starting with towns in Wiltshire.
Current Coverage: None
Est. Monthly Build Rate: None
Investment: £3m in opening shares, but additional funding via Newlight Partners LP.
Note: The CEO is an industry veteran from Hyperoptic, O2 and BE Unlimited.

Ambition: Based in Somerset (Bath) but initially planning FTTP rollout in the north of England (here).
Current Coverage: None
Est. Monthly Build Rate: None
Investment: £614k (seemingly backed by private equity firm Advencap)
Note: Few details but appears to have good support and one director, Abel Daniel SCHOEMAN, is also a director at established provider F&W Networks.

Cambridge Fibre
Ambition: 1,400 homes in Cambridgeshire (here).
Current Coverage: 2,170 homes and businesses (May 2020)
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: Little is known about their progress or targets.

Cityfibre (Vodafone, FibreNation, TalkTalk)
Ambition: 1 million UK premises by the end of 2021 and almost 8 million premises passed by 2025 or later (here).
Current Coverage: 650,000 premises.
Est. Monthly Build Rate: 25,000 (Jan 2021) – Aiming to peak at 120,000 (ETA unknown).
Investment: Project value for 8 million premises is £4bn (c.£500 per premises passed).
Note: The primary partner ISP for residential customers is Vodafone, but TalkTalk, Giganet and Zen Internet have also joined. Sky Broadband may follow.

Connect Fibre (Fibre Assets Ltd.)
Ambition: Focused on FTTP builds in Cambridgeshire (here) and helping connect a 5G trial.
Current Coverage: c.100+ premises passed in the Cambridgeshire village of Reach.
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: Little is known about their progress or future targets, but Air Broadband are the chosen ISP partner.

Community Fibre
Ambition: Aims to cover 1 million premises by the end of 2023 (mostly in London) – here.
Current Coverage: 200,000 premises passed.
Est. Monthly Build Rate: c.8,500 premises
Investment: Some £90m from private investors and Government backed schemes (here), plus £400m via Warburg Pincus and DTCP.
Note: At present they’ve mostly been connecting social housing / MDUs in London, but they intend to branch out into other areas.

Ambition: Planning to deploy FTTP in the North of England (here).
Current Coverage: n/a
Est. Monthly Build Rate: n/a
Investment: Some £80m from private investors Whitehelm Capital.
Note: No solid details yes.

County Broadband
Ambition: 20,000 premises by the end of 2020, focus on Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire (here and here).
Current Coverage: 15,000 premises passed expected by end of Q2 2020.
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: £46m from Aviva Investors (here).
Note: Focusing on rural communities. Seems to be making good early build progress.

Ambition: Deploying across parts of Shropshire (Telford), then West Midlands and Gloucestershire (here) – expected to reach almost 6,000 premises by end of 2021 (here).
Current Coverage: c.500 premises passed (Sept 2020)
Est. Monthly Build Rate: c.100 but rising to c.400-800 in late 2021
Investment: ?
Note: Seems to be focusing upon urban areas like Telford, Wolverhampton, Cheltenham and surrounding communities.

Ambition: Building in rural parts of Buckinghamshire (here).
Current Coverage: 500+ premises
Est. Monthly Build Rate: c.50 premises per month, expected to ramp up to 100 before end of 2020.
Investment: Privately funded by the owner, Chris Wilkie, and the Gigabit Voucher scheme but actively speaking potential investors.
Note: Ecom is concentrating on areas within 10 miles of Creslow Park (www.creslowpark.com) where their HQ is located. Plans to reach 2,500 premises coverage before end of 2021.

Electronic Media Services
Ambition: Thousands of FTTP premises in the Whitehill & Bordon regeneration project in Hampshire (here).
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: Little is known about EMS.

FACTCO (Ecodial)
Ambition: Aiming to deploy FTTP across rural parts of Wales, Scotland and Northern England (here).
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: Previously deployed to businesses in York, Merseyside, Newcastle and Northumberland but now starting to target homes.

Full Fibre Limited
Ambition: Aiming for 100,000 premises by the end of 2021 and then 500,000 by 2025 – mostly in the West Midlands, Central and South West of England (here).
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: Unclear but significant support via Basalt Infrastructure Partners.
Note: Can buy services via ISP partners like I Need Fibre.

Fidelity Broadband
Ambition: 30,000 premises by 2023 and then 250,000 by 2025, starting in under-served towns and rural areas (here).
Current Coverage: None
Est. Monthly Build Rate: n/a
Investment: ?
Note: Further details expected in early 2020 when the roll-out is due to start. Phase One focus on West and East Sussex.

Fibre Me
Ambition: Plans for general rollout in England, Wales and Scotland (here).
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: At present next to nothing is known about this operator.

Fibrus (B4B Networks)
Ambition: 15,000 premises in Northern Ireland by mid-2020 (here), with ambition for 145,000 by around 2024. They also hold the Project Stratum contract for c.79,000 premises (here).
Current Coverage: Hundreds of premises.
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: £85m+ (mostly from Infracapital, which now owns the company – here) and £165m via Project Stratum.
Note: Rollout started in County Down.

FibreNest (Persimmon Homes)
Ambition: Deploying at new build home developments for Persimmon Homes.
Current Coverage: c.1,000 homes connected (live) – overall coverage unknown.
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: A closed network FTTH ISP owned by Persimmon Homes (here).

Fibre Options (Pure Fibre, Optifi)
Ambition: FTTP deployed to Greenwich Peninsula in London but bigger plans in the works (here).
Current Coverage: Details unclear
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: Not a lot of information about their existing or planned build, but Fibre Options has been in the market for a long time.

F&W Networks
Ambition: Aiming for 1 million UK FTTP premises by 2024 (here and here).
Current Coverage: 5,000 premises in Horsham – Aug 2020 (c.15,000 phase two target).
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: Supported by Maestro Capital.
Note: F&W stands for Fibre and Wireless(they deploy fixed wireless in areas where FTTP isn’t viable). Supported by ISP Hey!Broadband.

Ambition: 1.4 million premises across London by around 2026 (here).
Current Coverage: 160,000 premises passed (Dec 2020).
Est. Monthly Build Rate: 8,000 premises+.
Investment: Initial £65m – mostly via Cube Infrastructure Managers (Cube IM). Plus a new equity investment by USS of up to £295m over 6 years and debt secured from four banks of up to £745m.
Note: An ISP that is quietly building an open access FTTP network and at a faster pace than most.

Gigaloch (Optilec)
Ambition: General plans for rural deployments in Scotland and England (here).
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: The provider seems to be doing some work in rural Cheshire (England) and Scotland.

Ambition: 500,000 premises in rural areas (mostly England) by the end of 2025 2023 (here).
Current Coverage: c.155,000 premises passed (March 2021).
Est. Monthly Build Rate: c.3,000
Investment: c.£270m (Infracapital acquisition), excluding public funding. Plus a new £525m funding deal in 2020 (here).
Note: Suffered a lot of build delays in 2018-2019, resulting in a slower than expected roll-out (doing FTTP in rural areas isn’t easy).

Grain (Grain Connect)
Ambition: Rollout focused on new build homes and large apartment blocks in England. Home in Carlisle (Cumbria) are also getting FTTP.
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: £10m in additional equity finance from Albion Capital (Albion Real Assets Fund). Works alongside Solway Communications.
Note: Not much known about their targets but more here, here and here.

Glide (WarwickNet)
Ambition: 200,000 UK premises passed by the end of 2020.
Current Coverage: 100,000 premises passed with full fibre (student and built-to-rent accommodation, shared HMO living and businesses).
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: Little is known about Glide’s residential build or their FTTP specific build targets, but they’re a well established business ISP (here and here).

Herefordshire Community Network
Ambition: Deployment to rural Herefordshire villages (here).
Current Coverage: Dewsall Court and Callow.
Est. Monthly Build Rate: n/a
Investment: £55,000.
Note: The small FTTH build has now completed and doesn’t appear to have future expansion plans.

Ambition: Aiming for 2 million UK FTTB/FTTP premises by the end of 2021, then an aspiration for 5 million by 2024 (here).
Current Coverage: 400,000 – 500,000 premises passed.
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: c.£500m – mostly via global investment firm KKR.
Note: Tends to focus on large urban apartment and office blocks (MDUs) in cities.

i4 Technology Group (British Fibre Networks, Pure Fibre Housing, Pure Fibre Zone)
Ambition: Aspires to serve over 35% of UK new build homes by the end of 2020 (here), which seems unlikely.
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: Focuses on connecting new build homes but not much known about actual progress.

ITS (ITS Technology Group)
Ambition: 200,000 premises in England (timetable unknown)
Current Coverage: 70,000 premises passed (mostly businesses)
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: £45m investment from Aviva Investors in January 2020 (here).
Note: The figure of 70,000 above reflects coverage under both their fibre and hybrid (fibre and fixed wireless) networks.

Ambition: 12,000 rural and sub-urban premises in Lincolnshire and Staffordshire by the end of 2020 (here).
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: Initial roll-out to the North Lincolnshire villages of Barrow on Humber and Goxhil, then Sugnall in Staffordshire.

InTouch Systems (Redshelf, ITSwisp and WiSpire)
Ambition: Looking to deploy into rural premises around the East of England, such as Norfolk where they have a small FTTP patch (here).
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: No solid details yet but InTouch Systems is usually more of a Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) ISP.

Jurassic Fibre (Fern Trading)
Ambition: 350,000 premises across Dorset, Devon and Somerset (mostly rural) by 2025 (here).
Current Coverage: 20,000 premises (Nov 2020)
Est. Monthly Build Rate: c.5.000 premises
Investment: c.£250m via Fern Trading.
Note: Too early to know how fast they’re building but looks to be a serious project.

Ambition: Estimated c.250,000 to 300,000 FTTP premises across East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire (here and here).
Current Coverage: 200,000 premises passed (mostly Hull and surrounding areas).
Est. Monthly Build Rate: 1,000 premises (based on current 10,000 target for 2020)
Investment: £85m+ spent, with £100m committed for future expansion.
Note: Backed by new owner Macquarie Infrastructure (MIRA / MEIF 6 Fibre).

Lothian Broadband Networks
Ambition: Aiming to cover 50,000 rural premises with FTTP across East and Mid Lothian in Scotland (here).
Current Coverage: Village of Gifford.
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: A small but well established and growing Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) and FTTP ISP (currently covers 29,000 premises).

Lightning Fibre
Ambition: Aiming for 100,000+ properties passed (here and here), focus on East Sussex.
Current Coverage: Roll-out started in Eastbourne at end of 2019.
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: Undisclosed funding level from Foresight.
Note: The town of Hastings is also on their initial plan, which originally aimed for 50,000 premises by the end of 2023.

Lightspeed Broadband
Ambition: Aims to cover 100,000 homes by end of 2022, followed by an ambition to reach 1 million by 2025 (here).
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: £55m with a potential for £300m via AtmosClear Investments and Kompass Kapital.
Note: The build will focus on towns in the East of England, starting in South Lincolnshire and Norfolk.

My Fibre Limited
Ambition: Plans to deploy a rural FTTH network in Wales (here).
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: No information whatsoever on their actual progress or build plan. Not even a working website.

M12 Solutions (Giganet)
Ambition: Planning to deploy FTTP into small towns and rural communities in Southern England (here).
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: M12 are a well established ISP, but they don’t currently have a real FTTP network of their own.

MS3 (connectHull)
Ambition: Aiming to roll-out FTTP to 21,000 premises (13%) in Hull, East Yorkshire (here and here).
Current Coverage: c.2% of Premises in Hull
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: Limited Dark Fibre and FTTP deployment in Hull.

Michaelston y Fedw CIC
Ambition: Built a rural FTTH network across the rural Wales village of Michaelston y Fedw (here).
Current Coverage: 280 premises passed (250 connected).
Est. Monthly Build Rate: n/a (build completed)
Investment: £150,000 raised from local residents. Welsh and Gigabit broadband vouchers also used.
Note: Made use of government voucher schemes and adopted a community interest company model, with volunteers helping to build.

Netomnia Limited (YouFibre)
Ambition: Target of 1 million UK premises by 2024 and focusing on suburban areas, where FTTP has yet to be built (here).
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: £28m for the Cheltenham build alone.
Note: Setup by the former CEO of CommunityFibre. Deploying into parts of Durham and Gloucestershire (Netomnia do the building and YouFibre are the ISP).

Openreach (BT)
Ambition: Target of 4 million premises by March 2021, then ambition for 15 million by around 2025.
Current Coverage: 2.16 million premises passed (Jan 2020 – here).
Est. Monthly Build Rate: 120,000 premises (c.26,000 per week, rising to 30,000 per week this year).
Investment: Estimated £5.25bn to reach 15 million.
Note: No explanation needed, used by hundreds of UK ISPs and heavily regulated by Ofcom.

Open Fibre Networks Ltd. (GTC / Brookfield Utilities UK Group)
Ambition: ?
Current Coverage: 40,000+ premised passed (here).
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: Concentrates on serving new build home developments. Supported by ISPs including Sky Broadband, Seethelight, VFast, Direct Save Telecom, Love Your Broadband and Pure Broadband etc.

Orbital Net (Vfast)
Ambition: Seeking to build FTTP, possibly around poorly served parts of Kent, East Sussex, Devon and Essex (here).
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: Orbital Net is better known for their fixed wireless broadband in Kent, but they now look to be planning their own FTTP.

Optify (Wifinity – formerly PCCW Global Networks UK)
Ambition: Looking to build an unspecified amount in Edinburgh, Leeds, Bristol, Manchester, London, Leeds and Liverpool etc.
Current Coverage: 200 “sites” (e.g. apartment buildings).
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: Serves students, military and residential apartment blocks (MDUs) across major UK cities and towns (here and here).

Dyfed IT (Pembs Wifi)
Ambition: Building FTTP to several rural villages in north Pembrokeshire, Wales (here).
Current Coverage: Villages of Castlemorris and Penfeidr.
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: Limited build and next village is Mathry. Pembs Wifi was acquired by Dyfed IT (Dyfed Superfast) in August 2020 (here).

People’s Fibre
Ambition: Unclear but first deployment will be in North Wales (here), albeit not Deeside as planned (here).
Current Coverage: None
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: New provider that claims to be preparing its first FTTP build.

Pine Media
Ambition: Aiming for 31,000 premises by end of 2020 and 50,000 soon after, with a focus on South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Kent (here and here).
Current Coverage: 11,000 premises passed in Sheffield (Nov 2019)
Est. Monthly Build Rate: 670 premises.
Investment: Potentially £2.7m via Government gigabit vouchers.
Note: ?

Quantum Air Fibre
Ambition: Target of 120,000 homes in Lincolnshire by Q1 2022 (here).
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: Recently acquired engineering firm QConex (formerly KConex) to build FTTP. Previously ran fixed wireless networks in rural villages.

Quickline (Bigblu)
Ambition: Expected to build some FTTP around parts of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire (here and here).
Current Coverage: None
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: £9.11m for full fibre and fixed wireless broadband in Yorkshire and various BDUK / DCMS contracts.
Note: Usually does Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), but now moving slowly into full fibre. Aims to cover 170,000 homes, but it’s unclear how many of these will be via FTTP.

Rural Technologies Wales (Hen Beudy Services / Beacons Telecom)
Ambition: Build to rural parts of Wales and then the western (border) counties of England (here and here).
Current Coverage: 1,000 customer connections by end of 2020 (currently under 100 – Aug 2020)
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: Likely to start their FTTP build in the Brecon Beacons area, but also moving across parts of Gwent, Monmouthshire and Powys.

Simply Fibre
Ambition: General plans for FTTP deployment (here).
Current Coverage: None
Est. Monthly Build Rate: None
Investment: ?
Note: Little is known about this operator and its plans.

Swish Fibre (Fern Trading)
Ambition: Aiming for 250,000 premises – starting with 50,000 in Buckinghamshire (here).
Current Coverage: Build began Q1 2020.
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: £250m via Fern Trading (they also back Jurassic Fibre above).
Note: A fairly new ISP but with strong financial backing and management. Deploying across the “Home Counties” of England (i.e. mostly counties just outside of London).

Spectrum Internet
Ambition: 150,000 premises across South Wales by 2025 (here).
Current Coverage: Some of its own FTTP in small parts of Wales and South West England.
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: TBA
Note: Mostly Openreach based but has its own FTTP network too, such as in parts of the Vale of Glamorgan, Cardiff and Bristol. Plans to build much more of its own fibre.

Sussex Fibre
Ambition: Aiming for 13,000+ premises by mid-2021 and then 250,000 premises by the end of 2025.
Current Coverage: None – build starting “early 2020” in East Grinstead.
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: No solid information about this one, but they have big plans and yet at present only a very basic website.

Ambition: Unclear but focused on rural parts of Norfolk and Suffolk (here).
Current Coverage: Villages of Pedham and Hemblington.
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: Largely funded by government gigabit voucher schemes.
Note: Future roll-out plans and investment have not been announced.

Ambition: Building FTTP for rural villages in Devon and Somerset (here).
Current Coverage: 180+ Premises
Est. Monthly Build Rate: 50 premises per month
Investment: £350,000 (vouchers)
Note: A tiny provider that seems to be making a big dent in some remote communities.

Telcom (Velocity Fibre, ClearFibre, WeFibre and Black Fibre)
Ambition: Building FTTP for homes, commercial buildings and businesses in North West of England (here and here).
Current Coverage: Parts of Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool and London.
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: £5m for fibre in Marsden.
Note: Goal is to cover 1 million premises by the end of 2023.

Ambition: Aiming for 75,000 premises in rural South West England by 2021, then aspiration for 200,000 by 2025.
Current Coverage: Mostly around the Chew Valley area in Somerset.
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: £75m from Aviva Investors (here).
Note: Exact roll-out plan is unclear but the city of Wells (7,000 premises) is on their list for 2020 (here). Demand-led operator.

Trooli (Call Flow Solutions)
Ambition: Aims to cover 170,000 UK premises in 2021, then 400,000 by the end of 2022 and 1 million in 2024 (here and here).
Current Coverage: 70,000 premises passed (Kent, Hampshire and East Sussex).
Est. Monthly Build Rate: 5,000+ premises (Mar 2021).
Investment: c.£27m (€30m) of funding from European investors (here) and £5m from NatWest (here).
Note: Trooli itself may be a new entrant but they have lots of experience via parent Call Flow and a serious rollout plan.

Ambition: Aiming to cover 300,000 premises in Hampshire and Surrey, rising to 1 million premises in the future (here and here).
Current Coverage: Southampton (partial).
Est. Monthly Build Rate: 2,000 Premises
Investment: £75m from Amber Infrastructure (here).
Note: Strong management and financial backing.

Voneus (Dyfed IT etc.)
Ambition: Aspiring for 1.6 million homes across the UK countryside in the future, but near-term FTTP target of 100,000 (here and here).
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: £9m from BOOST&Co and £10m from Macquarie Capital, with the potential to invest up to £30m. Possibly as much as £100m+ in the future.
Note: FTTP is a new focus for Voneus, which has previously been a fixed wireless provider. ISP has 8,000+ customers and 80+ staff.

Virgin Media (Liberty Global)
Ambition: Aiming to add 3-4 million extra UK premises – 2 million via FTTP – within the next couple of years (here).
Current Coverage: 15.7 million premises passed (only c.500,000 FTTP)
Est. Monthly Build Rate: 41,000 premises.
Investment: £3bn since 2015.
Note: The Project Lightning build has been on-going since 2015/16 but is now mostly FTTP, while earlier stages were Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC).

Ambition: Aiming to cover 10,000 homes by mid-2022 (here).
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: A small but well-established ISP that previously also built its own fixed wireless network in Cheshire.

Ambition: Aspiration for 250,000 UK FTTP premises by 2022, starting in London (here).
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: Mostly business focused but potentially branching out to homes. Very little known about their plans.

VXFIBRE (LilaConnect , Prime Fibre)
Ambition: Aiming to deploy FTTP across Stoke-on-Trent – c.100,000+ premises – by Spring 2021 (here). Colchester and Bristol also in sight (here).
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: £19.2m – part government funded (Stoke-on-Trent) and £10m Colchester.
Note: ISP partners for this network are Air Broadband, Bridge Fibre, Pure Broadband and Vonage. Focus on the Midlands and North of England. Also works under the name Prime Fibre on a limited roll-out in London (partnership with Grosvenor).

Westnetworks (WestWiFi)
Ambition: Aiming to build FTTP to rural homes and businesses in parts of Somerset (here).
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: The provider has previously built Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) broadband networks but is now moving in to FTTP.

Wessex Internet
Ambition: Generally deploying FTTP across rural parts of Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire (here).
Current Coverage: c.1,000 premises passed.
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: Starting to build more FTTP after initially focusing on fixed wireless. Exact coverage and future aims are unknown.

Ambition: Aiming for 80% of premises passed on the Isle of Wight by the end of 2022, then 96% (71,000) by the end of 2025 (here).
Current Coverage: 20,000 homes passed (May 2020).
Est. Monthly Build Rate: 2-3,000 homes per month.
Investment: £35m via Infracapital and £50m from NatWest Bank (total £85m).
Note: Currently entering the peak phase of their build.

Ambition: Planning to build FTTP to urban and rural parts of Cornwall (here and here).
Current Coverage: None
Est. Monthly Build Rate: None
Investment: £1.15m from the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Investment Fund, plus £50m from the Gresham House British Strategic Investment Infrastructure Fund (BSIF).
Note: Mostly builds fixed wireless networks, but now looking to move into full fibre.

Wildcard Networks (Fibreconnect)
Ambition: Generally building FTTP and Dark Fibre to business sites and /or big apartment blocks around Tyne and Wear, as well as a bit of Newcastle city centre.
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: Limited roll-out (here), but residential connectivity has been mentioned. Also acting as an ISP on Cityfibre’s network in the North East and Newcastle.

Ambition: Unknown UK deployment of FTTP (here).
Current Coverage: ?
Est. Monthly Build Rate: ?
Investment: ?
Note: No solid information on their investment or plans, yet.

Ambition: Aiming for 1 million homes across 85 UK towns with 2Gbps FTTP by the end of 2025 (here, here and here).
Current Coverage: 5,000 premises passed in Henley-on-Thames (Oxfordshire).
Est. Monthly Build Rate: c.1,000 premises
Investment: £1m from CEO and £100m from Oaktree Capital Management.
Note: Focusing on towns, with future deployments potentially in Hastings, Amersham, Weymouth and Huntingdon.

Take note that some of the aforementioned networks also have several ISPs via wholesale. For example, Air Broadband also works with OFNL, FullFibre, Prime Fibre, LilaConnect and Gigaclear.

UPDATE 14th May 2020

Added some updated stats for Cambridge Fibre and Cityfibre.

UPDATE 21st May 2020

Updated details for WightFibre and Broadway Partners.

UPDATE 22nd May 2020

Added M12 Solutions and InTouch Systems.

UPDATE 26th May 2020

A little extra detail for Exascale.

UPDATE 4th June 2020

Updated progress for Trooli.

UPDATE 19th June 2020

Added Orbital Net (Vfast).

UPDATE 2nd July 2020

Added latest data from B4RN.

UPDATE 16th July 2020

Added MS3.

UPDATE 30th July 2020

Community Fibre update on progress.

UPDATE 5th August 2020

Updated Pine Media’s target.

UPDATE 8th August 2020

Updated details for Beacons Telecom / Hen Beudy Services.

UPDATE 11th August 2020

Pembs Wifi has been acquired by Dyfed IT.

UPDATE 19th August 2020

Updated details for the 4th Utility.

UPDATE 24th August 2020

Added Westnetworks and FACTCO to the list. Updated details for Grain.

UPDATE 30th August 2020

Updated details for ecom.

UPDATE 3rd September 2020

Added Yesfibre and updated Gigaclear.

UPDATE 7th September 2020

Updated Trooli.

UPDATE 8th September 2020

Added Quickline.

UPDATE 18th September 2020

Updated Exascale.

UPDATE 28th September 2020

Updated Zzoomm.

UPDATE 5th October 2020

Updated Lightning Fibre and added Quantum Air Fibre.

UPDATE 12th October 2020

Added Broadreach Networks and Wildanet.

UPDATE 13th October 2020

Added Simply Fibre.

UPDATE 29th October 2020

Updated Telcom.

UPDATE 31st October 2020

Added Gigaloch.

UPDATE 12th November 2020

Updated Trooli.

UPDATE 19th November 2020

Updated toob.

UPDATE 30th November 2020

Updated Airband.

UPDATE 14th December 2020

Updated G.Network.

UPDATE 16th December 2020

Updated Technological.

UPDATE 21st December 2020

Updated Full Fibre Ltd and Wildanet.

UPDATE 22nd December 2020

Added Connexin and Fibre Me.

UPDATE 15th January 2021

Updated Trooli.

UPDATE 19th January 2021

Updated Lothian Broadband Networks.

UPDATE 1st February 2021

Added Brsk.

UPDATE 18th February 2021

Added Lightspeed Broadband and VISPA.

UPDATE 2nd March 2021

The 4th Utility acquired Vision Fibre Media.

UPDATE 15th March 2021

Updated Broadband Networks – re-brand to Lit Fibre.

UPDATE 17th March 2021

Updated Netomnia and CityFibre.

UPDATE 19th March 2021

Updated Wildcard Networks (Fibreconnect).

UPDATE 25th March 2021

Updated Voneus.

UPDATE 14th April 2021

Added Borderlink Broadband.

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16 Responses
  1. Avatar Philip Cheeseman says:

    Thank you for generating the stats. I wish there was someway of encouraging an altnet into your area. I’ve tried to sign up as interested to all the local ones but we are either too urban, too far away or not Southampton… We’re ripe for expansion into with over 15000 people in the small collection of towns I live in and zero fibre (some gfast). Keep feeling I will just need to wait for openreach or virginmedia…

    1. Avatar Ben says:

      We are in a similar position. I live in Haywards Heath, a relatively wealthy commuter town. No g.fast or FTTP, not even Virgin Media. Interestingly a neighbouring village (Lindfield) has Openreach FTTP, so perhaps we’re on their radar? Hmm…

    2. Avatar Ryan says:

      I am the same town of 35,000 people – no virgin, no altnet no G.fast so max of 76.

      I live 3000m from the box so max of 25-30.

      If an altnet came in with FTTP or even Virgin they would totally clear up, from a business sense I think the smaller towns with no alternative would be the best places to get customers rather than go into a big city which already has Virgin/FTTP/G fast but what do I know.

      Bring on 5G and that is the only chance we have of faster internet.

  2. Avatar joe says:

    Some effort Mark 🙂

  3. Avatar A_Builder says:


    Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

    Some of the lack of emitted information is surprising.

    Posting “we don’t know what you are doing” is also very important for investors and potential investors to understand that Comms are important in a Comms business!!

    Great work

  4. Avatar N says:

    I’m somewhat torn on all this news about full fibre, on the one hand I’m happy that we’re advancing, however I’m annoyed at the focus on prioritizing urban areas bringing gigabit connections and boosting their already quick speeds when there are still many homes that don’t even have access to FTTC, at my old house which I moved from not to long ago still uses old copper cables, the absolute fastest speed available there is 3mbps, in 2020 that isn’t acceptable, people who live rural are being left behind, and I fear that they will always be left behind as it’s not seen as profitable to extend reach to those places, this pandemic has proven that internet is a utility not a luxury, yet rural residents pay through the nose for a lackluster service.

    1. Avatar Dave says:

      I feel your pain, for years we were at the bottom of the pile, we originally had TPON which took at least 2 or more years before we could even get ADSL (copper overlay), then the next almost decade we spent stuck on ADSL surrounded by Virgin, FTTP, FTTC (even half the estate was FTTC, but nothing for us), then summer last year Cityfibre announced their plans for our town and they were starting in our area, then in late Feb this year I spotted Openreach doing things at the entrance to our estate, 3rd April and I have FTTP live and im just waiting for cityfibre to make available to order (all streetworks have been done). So there is hope we have gone from bottom 2% in country straight to the top.

  5. Avatar chris conder says:

    Nice one Mark, good to see so many altnets going where the big boys fear to tread. It is much needed competition which will deliver a digital britain.

  6. Avatar Mungo says:

    I live in Dewsbury and apparently West Yorkshire is meant to be rolling out full fibre. My estate was built in 2018 but still has ADSL line only. I’ve been enquiring and trying to chase up and sign up for full fibre since moving here but still nothing. More annoyingly there’s a Virgin Media open stall in the middle of the town centre always trying to peddle their services to you, but only the east side of Dewsbury has cable / fibre already, and the west side is still stuck with copper wired ADSL! I gave them my postcode 2 years ago and still nothing. Clowns.

  7. Avatar Enric P says:

    Many thanks Mark,

    A very interesting and concise article with key figures.

  8. Avatar t0m5k1 says:

    I just pissed at the whole shambles.
    4 Cabinets in Basingstoke ready for FTTP yet I get a constant stream of spam through my email box and front door.

    All they ever do is make sure the shitty centers are connected and move on then leave the surrounding areas for commercial funding or they schedule a small expansion 10 on.

    Pathetic Tory money backed infrastructure upgrades.
    Get them out of office ASAP

  9. Avatar Roger Zinar says:

    I wish there was a website where I can be told, based on my postcode, when my street/building is scheduled to be upgraded with fibre optic cables.
    Currently only virgin provides fast internet in my neighbourhood of London, and they’ve been behaving like a greedy monopoly.
    Am dying to get my building upgraded so that I can ditch virgin and enjoy better, healthier competition between suppliers.

  10. Avatar Mirko says:

    Requesting information since 2017 when will be fibre available in SW8, but no response. Very annoying that in a supposedly developed country is such behind. Seriously in the last little village in Hungary fibre is available.

    1. Avatar Meadmodj says:

      Yes some European countries are ahead of us and have more impressive targets but they are not there just yet and all countries are at different stages of the same journey. Hungary urban and rural VHCN coverage corresponds to the FTTP footprint of 43% and 29% respectively. However HU has a high 100Mbps+ coverage of 82% due mainly to cable.

      Hopefully the UK providers will be given the confidence to proceed at an increased pace.

  11. Avatar JAMES BODY says:

    Good work Mark

    Any chance of getting this data in tabular/spreadsheet format (Google Sheets?)

    Is Wessex Internet absent from your listings?

    1. Mark Jackson Mark Jackson says:

      No Wessex isn’t absent, it looks like a beta software test I tried yesterday just wrecked our automated linking system for older articles. I’ve now re-introduced the old system and all is working again.

      I may do this as a spreadsheet but probably not for public consumption as it’s then easier for others to copy and take credit for my work in putting it together.

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