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SIM Swap Causes Annoyance for UK ASDA Mobile Customers

Friday, March 26th, 2021 (2:04 pm) - Score 23,760

Existing customers with the mobile division of supermarket giant ASDA have been told to request a new SIM card by the 15th September 2021, or risk being unable to use the service. The move follows a decision last year (here) to swap their Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) supplier from EE (BT) to Vodafone.

Major network migrations on MVNO platforms are rarely a smooth and seamless process, which is sadly something that we’ve seen many times before (e.g. most recently with Virgin Mobile). In this case the issue stems from ASDA Mobile’s new 5-year deal to adopt both 4G and ultrafast 5G (mobile broadband) connectivity via Vodafone (more features, such as unlimited data plans and WiFi Calling, are planned to follow).

New customers can be automatically placed on to the new Vodafone based platform, but existing customers will need to swap to a new SIM card in order to continue using the service after September 2021. A special web page has been setup to help handle all of this – https://mobile.asda.com/support/move-network.

What do I need to move to your new network?

If you’re an existing Asda mobile customer, you will need to follow a few simple steps and swap your SIM card to move to our new network.

You will need to make this move to gain access to our brand-new bundles, and exciting new network features which include – 5G enabled, unlimited data deals, a new and improved My Account and much more!

After 15th September, our old network will close and if you haven’t moved across, you will lose signal and any remaining credit.

The FAQ also says that customers may lose their number and active bundles if they don’t swap their SIM. The good news is that ASDA have pledged to give all current customers a free month’s bundle once they move across (MSE), which is partly intended to mitigate the fact that you might lose some of your existing bundle in the move.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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135 Responses
  1. JP says:

    Seems to be a better way of migrating people, Virgin customers have been suffering with loss of service and various other issues with migrating customers.

    1. Carl says:

      Well I went for the switch and on the planned date my old SIM stopped working but the new SIM Asda provided doesn’t work. I’m now without any service and I can’t even ring anyone to complain, Thanks Asda you suck.

    2. Richard says:

      Like Carl I also migrated to the vodaphone network with ASDA and like Carl the sim ASDA sent does not work and I can now not text or call anyone. Tried ring the 0808 number and was waiting for 1 hour this evening waiting for them to answer and all I got was sorry we are very busy, bloody joke.

    3. David says:

      I switched yesterday (30th March) and have had no outgoing service. Attempts to contact customer service by Website, Website chat and Twitter have gone unanswered.

    4. john fergus says:

      totally agree with you

    5. Fred says:

      tried £25 unlimited bundle advertised at 10mbps never acheived more than 2mbps complaints ignored — now trying £30 unlimeted bundle advertised 150mbps not achieving more than 6mbps wrote to all ASDA directors complaint ignored

      conclusion rip off service

    6. michael griffiths says:

      got system partly sorted,i say partly sorted, as phone now works after over a week,only problem now is when someone phones my mobile number, the main house phone,different number completely,is the phone that ring out and usable ,at moment cant seem to be able to get this sorted.

    7. Melvyn Berridge says:

      Because of the inefficiency of the changeover,new SIM card loss of credits and loss of old number by following the instructions,I have moved to Tesco mobile.
      Surely with modern technology and a computer expert it could have been done at the flick of a mouse.

    8. Danny says:

      I lost signal on my asda mobile at around 14.00hrs on the 14th September, not on the 15th as advertised in the txt I received.I’m now stuck with no phone. Poor service asda/vodafone.
      I’m now looking at a tesco sim, they seem to be next best value.

  2. Carl says:

    Unlimited data deals are available and similar to those of Vodafone with the speed caps:


    1. John Albert Stirzaker says:

      Same as Carl my new SIM card doesn’t work in my Samsung Galaxy S8+ and ASDA help have been useless. EE help just passed the buck to Vodaphone help and they were equally useless, couldn’t even get the new SIM to work. I think there is a problem with the Samsung software which doesn’t support 5G and their patch to allow it to run on 4G. Think I will be switching back to EE,

  3. Dan says:

    I don’t see anything in this article that backs up the headline claim that this is causing annoyance to the customers.

    Hardly a big deal, is it – being given the best part of six months to order a replacement SIM and activate it?

    1. JP says:

      It’s nice of them to let customers know something is going on too, so many people at Virgin confused at why their service has suddenly changed, and not aware of any changes incoming.

    2. David says:

      Read the comments plenty of annoyance there.

    3. Dan says:


      Yes, there is now.. clearly something has gone badly wrong with them moving people over to their new network.

      At the time of my original comment though, and at the time the article was published, there was no evidence of any annoyance caused to customers. A more accurate headline would have been something like ‘Asda Mobile Commences SIM Swap Process for Network Switch’. Ironically, the headline they used for this article would now be suitable if they were to do a follow-up article, now that problems have occurred and annoyance has actually been caused.

  4. David says:

    I can’t even get a signal at all on Vodafone in my area even though EE has good signal.

    1. JP says:

      Well EE don’t want MVNO’s using their network anymore it seems, plus EE got to choose between 3x networks worth of mast locations to keep best and get rid of worst!

      EE know they have this upper hand which is why they are comfortable charging a lot for accessing their network and also keeping people locking into 24 month sim only contracts.

  5. Jack says:

    My Dad has been with ASDA for about 5 years when Virgin decided to increase their traditional PAYG costs to over 40p a minute. ASDA are one of the only decent traditional PAYG networks who let you top up at a PayPoint then use your credit so and please until ready for a recharge. Cheap rate for his needs of 8p a minute has kept him happy over this time.

    Unfortunately, I will now have to help him in a few months move to another network which is really hard finding a PAYG provider who doesn’t let topups expire, has signal in his area (EE and O2), thats cheap and lets you topup at a PayPoint.

    I’ve decided to grab one of the older Classic Pay and Go SIMs from O2 but whats telling how long that plan will last?

    Huge shame as older people like my father don’t want a smartphone or can’t use one due to disability or knowledge and prefer PAYG.

    All I can say is good luck to current ASDA customers as what happened when they left Vodafone and went to EE years ago but looks like they’ve got this one sorted in a way by asking you to get your PAC code from ASDA EE to then put on the ASDA Vodafone site which fingers crossed goes smoothly as I experienced a few issues with my numbers where the new network don’t pull all the configuration files so calls/texts weren’t routing correctly inbound and good luck explaining that to first level customer service who no doubt wouldn’t know what the issue is.

    1. Dan says:

      You might want to take a look at 1pmobile. They use EE and it’s 1p pay as you go on all rates (1p per text, minute and mb)

    2. JP says:

      I add that Vodafone and O2 share the same network so if O2’s available, so will Vodafone.

      I’m not sure if this is suitable but O2 do an unlimited minutes and text pay as you go bundle for £5 per month.

      Or 1p mobile do a 1 year credit plan, where top upw last a year.

      Their is also cheap plans available through Lebara mobile of suitable.

    3. NE555 says:

      1pmobile requires you to top-up £10 every 4 months (or £30 every year). It’s still a decent option for low to moderate volume users.

      There’s a comparison on moneysavingexpert. There is a click-through to get Lebara at £5 per month (reduced to £2.50 for first 4 months) for unlimited mins/text + 3GB data + 100 international mins.

      For those who want to spend less than 10p per day on their mobile: I think it’s understandable why most operators aren’t too interested in providing this any more.

    4. Summer Is Here says:


      Why are you having to move him away from Asda, are you saying when Asda switch networks from EE to Vodafone he won’t get a signal? or is their another reason?

  6. Jack says:

    @Dan 1pMobile isn’t that good of a network especially in its early days when I got blocked on their Social Media channels for initially asking why they removed around £9 worth of credit topped up online 2 weeks before which then turned into a no reply by 1pMobile and a block from messaging or replying to their posts. Seems quite a few people had this issue too as seen on Trustpilot which also my review got removed after 1pMobile challenged my review as if I was a customer of theirs or not/ false review. I would never ever reccomend them for this reason!

    @JP We did look into Lebara initially but don’t like their PAYG rates at 25p a minute which is nearly triple ASDA’s offering. He just wants something when the credit runs out you go and top up at the local shop. (We have now found a good supplier for his needs).

    @Summer basically yes, no Vodafone signal where he lives.

    1. JP says:

      Hmm, pay as you go isn’t something that’s going to exist much longer unfortunately, its a nightmare for networks to manage and not cost effective.

  7. Jenny Wise says:

    My husband put in his new Asda sim (he was already with Asda) now neither service is available, the old sim won’t work and neither will the new sim, he has two phones (neither one locked to a provider) now he can’t use either.

    He tried to get in touch with customer services all day, he was on a live chat using my phone, made to wait in-between questions for around 30 mins, & still didn’t get anywhere, he then tried to call, was on hold for 40 minutes and didn’t event get to speak to anyone.

    Now I’m terrified for him to go out without a phone as he has a heart condition.

    Well done Asda for creating misery, GET THIS SORTED!

    1. Sam says:

      Seems they have got it sorted, mostly. I had no problems at all with the switch. The trick is you have to wait for the “your account is now activated” text. Mine took an hour after putting new sim in. Once I got the activated text all calls, texts and mobile data were fine

    2. Kyleigh Grove says:

      @Sam thanks for the tip! – I did this (i.e. waited an hour) and it worked for me!

      Switched to the new SIM from ASDA previously; couldn’t text or call but was finding network so found I could receive calls and texts but not make any. My phone was reporting ‘error 28’ which was a red herring in the end. The more worrying thing for me was that I couldn’t get onto my online account (not even to reset my password). I was tempted to create a new account but waited the hour and now all is sorted (texts and calls can be made and online access is back with my previous balance transferred). PS the entire hour I was waiting for a response on the Web Chat and didn’t get one so I gather lots of people are having issues…

    3. bob says:

      yes i have the same problem with disabled personal in family will be moving network as asda useless network making life a misery for existing customers who have been with them for many years suggest all customers look for another network as customer services based abroad and waste of time

    4. margaret bottomley/aspden says:

      my sim card is not the same as the one you sent so what now,my phone is an old Nokia and what can i do

  8. James Sutcliffe says:

    My new SIM card can get the network but I can’t make or receive calls

    1. Rob says:

      I had that problem – when I checked the phone book of the phone, the owner number was missing – I input the number and the phone now works – my online account however does not recognise me now

    2. janet baublys says:

      When you put your new sim card in, you then have to register a new account online, i had this problem

    3. Carole Withey says:

      Horrendous problems with the changeover!! Changed the SIM card that was sent, had the “you are now authorised text”. Authorisation code etc., Worked for a few days. Now cannot access balance, speak to an operator. Text, – Anything. This was a doro pay as you go phone for a disabled relative.

      Shocking service!!!

  9. Rosco62 says:

    New SIM card can get the network but I can’t make or receive calls

  10. Monty B says:

    So put new Sim card on, asked me sim card.provider(list didnt show ASDA) locked phone! So switched off/on. Phone service started. Rcd SMS to say would send msge ‘shortly’to give more settings. Now SMS notworking in or out. Yep tried contact on 0808 but after 70 minsI hung up. Tried 2732 and flash screen said “call forwarding active” and call cut off. Now trying to find ASDA chairmans email address or at least someone I can complain to.

    1. pat do says:

      it does not show asda mobile but it should show vodaphone

  11. Monty B says:

    Further to above now phone service has stopped!!!!

  12. Alan Ewing says:

    Just like all the other comments, I have no phone service. I was told that I would have service from a maximum of midnight 30 March. I went to an ASDA store and was told they had nothing to do with this. They gave me the wrong number to call and were not apologetic at all. I have not been able to contact anyone on the chat line either, all they do is say an agent will contact you shortly. All I want is a definite time as to when my service will resume. Another very annoyed customer.

  13. Monty B says:

    Suddenly at 1557 31st March, I had an SMS saying “your account has been activated” All seems to be working (at present!!). Still cant get to reach Customer Services to query about my balance!

    1. Neil Morgan says:

      You should be able to text bal to 2732 to get your bal
      I can’t as it doesn’t work 🙁 No outgoing calls either

      It would help if ASDA Mobile put some useful FAQs about transfer problems on their web site.
      I get Please note: Incoming calls are being forwarded. Where to? I get incoming calls. It’s outgoing calls and texts that are the problem.

      For the online login problem it didn’t accept my number for login but thankfully I had a note of my login ID which did work

  14. Irene Irvine says:

    Be patient. Customer service has always been very good and it will soon be sorted. It’s still probably the cheapest network and now calls are only 4p a minute. Everyone was ringing yesterday and so almost impossible to get through.

    1. Matt says:

      One for r/agedlikemilk

  15. Mark Williams says:

    It has been 4 days since i swapped sims and still not got a full service. My 4G is not working and no mobile data unless I dial out and then 4G and data start working for a while then stops.

    I gave up waiting for the customer services to answer on phone or web chat after a couple of hours.

    on Twitter they are saying most problems have been ironed out now but I dont think this is the case.

    1. JimG says:

      I had exactly the same problem. I found the solution from an agent on the online chat on the Asda Mobile website. He asked me to change the APN parameters – the default ones on the new SIM are not correct it seems. I could not change the params of the APNs on the SIM so I created a new APN with the settings that he gave me. Now works fine

    2. Neil Morgan says:

      JimG What are the correct APN settings?

    3. Dean says:

      Tried changing with Asda from ee to vodafone now have two different numbers that I can’t use this has been going on for a month now and no one at Asda can sort it out

  16. Peter Smith says:

    I have tried numerous times to change to new Asda mobile but when I get to put port-in date I click on date but nothing happens, it just takes me back to choose port-in date. Anyone else had this problem?

    1. Michael says:

      Make sure the date you pick is weekday – not Saturday or Sunday as no switches take effect on weekends

  17. Philip says:

    I have been having the problem for over 7 days now. Cannot get a signal. I called Asda mobile and they say it is Vodafone problem and not theirs. They gave another number 0808 006 2732 for Vodafone but you cannot get through on this, There is no other contact to get hold of them. Tried on Asda Mobile twitter but only to say call the centre number gain that does not work. It feels they are not taking this seriously with no consideration to the stress this is causing to all customers who trusted them. Poor weak service from Asda Mobile

  18. Fred Arrandale says:

    I have been with Asda mobile for a number of years and had good service, when I heard of the changeover I contacted them on 2732 and they sent me a new sim card, the man I spoke to calmly told me how to change over which I wrote down and when the sim came I went through and changed over no problem. I also have a second mobile on pay as you go and decided to change that one so I bought a sim from Asda and rang the new 0808 number, this time it was a person I think of foreign extraction who completely cocked the process up and took my first phone out of service. By this time I was getting annoyed and called them again and spoke to another person of foreign extraction who I could not really understand who kept apologizing, eventually the line came back on however I do not feel safe in their hands now and am considering changing operator.

  19. Spuriousfish says:

    Just attempted the changeover to Vodaphone and it took two working days to lose teh EE service. Inserted new Sim and now 24 hours on no service on new network. Phone sees Asda Mobile but can’t connect.

    Did an on-line chat with an agent and explained I have no service. First thing he did was send me a text with a passcode 🙁 I had to explain that I’d said I don’t have a service so this wasn’t going to work.

    He got me to do the usual things I’d already done but still no service and have given up for a while since I have a life to lead outside of fixing Asdas problems.

  20. Martin Green says:

    I have bought an Asda SIM on the new (Vodafone) network.
    A top up card was not supplied in the SIM pack (they used to be), top up cards cannot be ordered online at the moment because of ‘technical issues’, and they have discontinued top up vouchers for the new network.
    I do not have credit/debit cards (never have had, don’t wish to have) so I cannot put money on the new card and use the phone.
    Cannot contact Customer Services by any of the means provided.

  21. T Kub says:

    Agree with Martin Green’s comment.. If the new top up cards will not be ready before the final date, I will be moving my mum to a new provider. She doe not use debit cards.

  22. Kevin Tailor says:

    My brother changed over last week he was on a sim only deal it took the day to change over and when he got it up and running they had changed his contract to £30 a month he called them and they said he had asked for it. He’s a pensioner and can’t afford it he’s got to cancel his contract they wasn’t intrested

    1. linda says:

      yes its happened to me I transfered and asda gave me a free £10 bundle and then I got a text from vodaphone saying I owe them 27.36 pounds and I only have a 13 year old phone which doesen’t do apps and as I only work part time at Asda as they keep cutting my hours I didn;t even ask for it I can’t pay it i’m livid,i’m so angry

  23. T.Kub says:

    The Asda Mobile Top up card is now available to order online, seems the technical issues relating to them has hopefully been sorted.

  24. Judy says:

    Sorry to all that have had trouble. My migration was pain free. I registered new SIM online, selected port-in date for the following day and was migrated without any issues. This was smoother than any other migration on other networks.
    The only gripe I have is that the signal strength is very low and tops out often, even though my Lebara SIM(also using Vodafone) has full bars most of the time.

  25. MJL says:

    My phone has two sim cards so during the migration of the first sim at least I was able to make calls on my other number, but the migration took 3 days and several long phone call to Asda and Vodaphone support.

    Now I have a problem with the “My Account” feature. I have one for each sim but the ASDA system uses cookies which keeps directing me back to the last “My Account” I opened.

    I have tried many things but cannot get back to the sign in page to put in the other number.

  26. Lester says:

    Just had my fifth call to the various 0800.., 2732, 0806.. numbers; and one of these managed to send me a SIM card, but I keep getting contrdictary sets of instructions and none of these work at all.
    This is a shambles as far as I am concerned and I feel like using up all my credit and getiing a PAYG sim from another provider.
    If this is a atste of things to come then we are deep in trouble.

    1. linda says:

      you can text your new number on the sim to 2732 and then put in your new sim it was so simple I didn’t even have to go online as they have blocked me out of the site anyway as my user name dosen,t work

    2. Kenneth Hankinson says:

      Just had my fifth call to the various 0800.., 2732, 0806.. numbers; and one of these managed to send me a SIM card, but I keep getting contrdictary sets of instructions and none of these work at all.
      This is a shambles as far as I am concerned and I feel like using up all my credit and getiing a PAYG sim from another provider.
      If this is a atste of things to come then we are deep in trouble.

  27. Climan says:

    My transition to the new network went reasonably well today, though I had the problem of not being able to text or make calls for several hours, a text message from ASDA arrived after that period that said “your account has been activated”, after which all was fine.

    There is no mention of this delay in account activation on the ASDA website, probably why Customer Services is snowed under.

  28. Kevin says:

    A bit apprehensive to begin with, unable to call out. Phoned helpline told service would be up and running by 5pm. Text received at 2.30pm now up and running (new SIM inserted at 9.30am,incomming calls only,2.30pm all calls now in service)

  29. David Wright says:

    Typical Asda service for any product or shopping experience. Sod the customer.

  30. Ray Wood says:

    i have been with asda mobile for a few years ee now asda changing to vodafone so they sent me a migration pack, new sim, and selected port in day, but did not go smoothly.had to get on to them eventually got calls and text working ,but mms picture messaging does not work on iphone 7 so back on the live chat for hours trying new dowwload settings for mobile data and mms , apn mmsc , username ,password setup , eventually doing it manually , while on live chat ,but only worked for one day then back to not delivered message on iphone 7 so tried everything again sim out sim back in,power off then power on , hard reset .with live chat agent but can not get it to work so now being raised to technical support so got to wait till next reckons it will get sorted ?? everything was working fine with EE/ ASDA NETWORK so sim swap is causing me MMS PROBLEMS on i phone 7.also have been sent pictures but not getting them either . i have plenty of credit and now an account with them but no joy . they wanted to send anew sim but calls and text working fine so must be a incorrect settings issue ie, numbers letters upper case ./password sequence incorrect ? or is it just down to signal strength 2bars 3 bars etc so 4hours later on chat i give up . thanks for reading / listening cheers.


      i have been with asda mobile for a few years ee now asda changing to vodafone so they sent me a migration pack, new sim, and selected port in day, but did not go smoothly.had to get on to them eventually got calls and text working ,but mms picture messaging does not work on iphone 7 so back on the live chat for hours trying new dowwload settings for mobile data and mms , apn mmsc , username ,password setup , eventually doing it manually , while on live chat ,but only worked for one day then back to not delivered message on iphone 7 so tried everything again sim out sim back in,power off then power on , hard reset .with live chat agent but can not get it to work so now being raised to technical support so got to wait till next reckons it will get sorted ?? everything was working fine with EE/ ASDA NETWORK so sim swap is causing me MMS PROBLEMS on i phone 7.also have been sent pictures but not getting them either . i have plenty of credit and now an account with them but no joy . they wanted to send anew sim but calls and text working fine so must be a incorrect settings issue ie, numbers letters upper case ./password sequence incorrect ? or is it just down to signal strength 2bars 3 bars etc so 4hours later on chat i give up . thanks for reading / listening cheers.


  31. Gillian Johnson says:

    My friend has got her new Asda sim as she was told but had still got credit on her old one how can she get her money back from it . She does pay as you go

  32. T Kub says:

    Apparently you get your balance back if you have ported your original asda ee number to the new asda vodafone sim card, any credit you had with your original number will transfer to the new sim card. It does not apply to a purchased bundle, just make sure you use your bundle purchase up before porting.

    It seems that once your sim card stops working, the porting process has begun. When you put in your new vodafone sim card, it can take a while till your original nunmber registers on it, asda send you confirmation via a text message that it has been done. Hopefully after that you have been transferred over to the new network.

    I will be attempting to migrate my mum soon, but am still a little wary of problems encountered with it so far.

    1. Climan says:

      Yes, my account balance was transferred, lost my existing bundle, but was given a free new one with 10 GB of data, and an added bonus is that web pages are now quicker to load, maybe the Vodafone signal strength is better where I live than the EE one.

    2. Joops says:

      How long did it take to get a confirmation text from them? Its worrying not having a phone when having to drive somewhere.

  33. Jane says:

    I’ve transferred to the new sim ( the old one lost service this morning) I can only use WiFi at the moment and can’t make calls or use any data . Is this normal ?
    I can’t log into my Asda mobile account either to look at the bundles ( I was able to yesterday)
    Have I just got to await this text that says it’s all completed ? I transferred at 9.30 this morning .
    Thanks in advance for any replies!

  34. Sally Manning says:

    I have the same problem and cannot call or text anyone and the customer phoneline isn’t working either. really annoyed as the mobile is the only number that my mother’s care home can call me on.

  35. STAND UP MAN says:


  36. Yvonne says:

    I was with ASDA for years until they moved to Vodafone.
    I ordered a To The Moon Mobile (on EE) with theit special offer.
    Nice touch getting the pin with the SIM card.Recieved it with 2 days and the set up was straightforward. So all seems well it’s very fast to. Anyway it’s a test so if everything is ok after then I’m gonna stick with it permanently.

  37. Bernard Hanson says:

    I tried to join vodo at weekend tono avail.did all info required tried to access service on Wednesday and Thursday No signal but was perfect onEE for 4years.Do you want us to move to other providers? A Quick reply. ASAP.

  38. Linda Bedford says:

    I put new sim in at 2pm Wednesdayand was sorted by midnight last night.If I rang 2732 from mobile could not get through but on 0808 number from landlines got through and only waited few minutes.

  39. Joops says:

    Andddd the so called easy swap isn’t easy. Did all I was meant to do and can basically just use my phone on WiFi only. They give you a free bundle on pay as you go for thirty days welllll be nice to be able to actually use it. Contacted via the web chat and still waiting for a response. So much for hassle free!!

  40. Pete says:

    Received my sims on Wednesday and booked the transfer for Thursday.Lost the signal today(Friday) and installed the new sims as instructed. This gives a mobile signal but no mobile connection.

    Apparently I need to wait for Asda Mobile to process the request and message me to say that everything is up and running.

    That is acceptable but not give that information on the Website or in the Network Move instructions is totally unacceptable.

    1. Joops says:

      Exactly give the full information rather then leave us guessing

  41. Lindylou says:

    Still can’t work out if pay as go is still available with the new network. It sounds as if it is contract only. I don’t need a contract still have £20 credit so will Asda refund this if I change provider. Nowhere on any website does it say pay as you go will finish and you will have to take a contract. I am finding this all very confusing.

    1. T Kub says:

      As far as aware all the sims are payg, but you can set up a recurring monthly bundle. and stop/change it when you want to. My mum just tops up and uses it, and purchases a bundle via text, i believe this will stay the same on the new network.
      Yes you will lose your credit if you change provider, so make sure to use this up before changing. You wont lose it if you migrate your existing asda ee number to the new asda vodafone network, any credit you had with your asda ee sim will transfer over to the new asda vodafone sim. (but if you purchased a bundle and not used it up this will not, so use your bundle up first) Make sure your porting day is set for a weekday and not the weekend or a bank holiday.

    2. Pauline Henderson says:

      Hi, pay as you go is still available but both me and my husband had to get new top up cards. When we received them we went onto live chat and asked them to link it to our mobile number and all went smoothly. We have both topped up since then, just had to wait about 10 mins for it to register.

  42. PANADERO says:

    The standard of communications provided by Asda and Vodaphone is appalling and people who agree should complain to OFCOM.

    Like others here, I have been suffering terrible chaos and convoluted instructions to follow to make the changeover to Vodaphone. I phoned 0808 006 2732 for help only to find myself talking down a drainpipe to someone in Egypt! I know an Arabic accent when I hear one. This man seemed to understand what I was saying but his spoken English was very shaky. I gave up. (Even if you understand the advice given as to what steps to take, they do not work anyway!).

    According to the internet Vodaphone is in the process of abandoning Egypt which is presumably a cheap outsourced call centre operation.

  43. KAREN CLARKE says:

    Put new SIM in this morning. No network still — been 5 hours. Any phone numbers to contact them please.

  44. Alison says:

    Diabolical service, was great when it was with EE. On hold for 2 hours, finally get to someone who says just be patient. I have been patient but this is ridiculous. Finally she agrees there is a problem and agrees to send a text with new APN details that will sort problem out, no text arrives. I will have to go though the whole painful process again. Totally unacceptable service.

  45. T Kub says:

    Has anyone tried the sim swap via the text number in the sim pack? When I register for online account do i use my current asda sim phone number or the new sim phone number? Hoping this swap goes well for my mum as am hearing some bad experiences.

  46. Annette Wragg says:

    I have tried for the past 2 weeks to change over to no avail, I have sent texts , messages , have followed all instructions, made several phone calls but still nothing.
    I was told after putting in the new sim number that the network would close down, I could put in the new sim and it would work!! Some hope!
    I have nearly £33 in credit and I want to keep my old number, why isn’t it happening? It is a pay as you go phone

  47. Hazel Jones says:

    Will my mother and father in law need to change there SIM cards they are pay as you go

    1. Jay ess says:

      Yes they will have to change. Get the new sim cards and text the supplied number. Changeover completes next day. Pain free.

  48. Dg says:

    I have just made the switch to Vodafone. Instructions were clear and comprehensive, and the process worked smoothly. My original number was maintained, and my credit balancr transferred accurately. I was a little apprehensive beforehand, but compliments to Asda on a well managed transition.

  49. L M says:

    I was with EE direct as a pay as you go customer, but as Asda call charges were considerably cheaper I decided to move provider what a mistake. It was simple to get a PAC code but from then on it went down hill. I called Asda Vodafone customer service several times and finally they took the details from me to get my number transferred, it took several days which was not a problem to me but from then on it went downhill, i paid £5 via the top up card this took a while to go onto the phone, I then went to make a call a couple of days later and problems started. Firstly a message on screen said NOTE! Active incoming call diverted ? the call wasn’t connected but I was charged, I tried again to call my partners phone who was with me at the time, the call connected and they cut it off before answering, but my mobile said the person wasn’t available and again I was charged but this time was it was for a voicemail message, I did make one call which was answered and the charge was correct but the same message keeps coming on screen each time I made a call, I’m a techno fob so don’t understand it. I decided to go on line via the messaging service to try and find out what it was, I started at 5pm Friday 4th june was told to do various things, IE call 1213 , then 1210, take sim out and then put it back in, call another number other than my partners mobile, they couldn’t even disconnect the call.
    I was also cut off 3 times but persevered till in the end at 7.50pm I gave up and called them from my land line land to be told to put the sim into another handset make certain it worked then put it back into my mobile, if this didn’t work call back. IT DIDNT. I’ve called back today and was on from 2.30pm was cut off again, I called back and asked for a manager who did try to help but I was on the phone until 5.30 ( another 3 hours waisted) I was told to wait for an activation code which would take 30 minutes then call 1210 and 15 mins later call 1211, I’m still waiting for this code, the manager advised me Ben would call me back to see if this had happened, he did call back but the code hadn’t come through and Ben said he was going home in 10 minutes but would call me back from home at 7.30 , this call hasn’t materialised.
    As you can imagine, I’m really frustrated and would not recommend Asda Vodafone mobile to anyone. I will update in a few days what happens next, my feelings are it’s a complete shambles and will be contacting Asda head office with a strong complaint about their service regardless of the outcome,


  50. Dan says:

    Well, the first I knew about tis was when my phone stopped working. Went online, tried to log in to order a new sim, but the password I noted down however many years ago doesn’t work any more, and the password reset link hasn’t come through to any of my email addresses. Luckily I’m only on PAYG with a minimal balance and a spare phone on another network. I’m inclined to walk away from asda after this, the least they could have done is send a few texts but nothing, no communication at all. Hell I shop in Asda often enough but there’s not even any posters up in the shops.

  51. LM shambolic says:

    Follow on from the 5th June. No call back received as promised after 7.30 pm I called them again 8th June Tariq was excellent and sorted it out straight away, I asked for my lost credit to be put back and was offered minutes that would last a week, as this mobile is emergency only that not really any use so again asked for credit refund to phone he advised he could not do this, so I asked for a manager and was told c/b would be in 2-3 hours, yes they did call but on the mobile when I expected it on the landline which I has called from unfortunately I missed it, I called them back and apologised asked them to call the landline waited again no call received, so I called again from the landline 10th June requested c/b on landline, yes they called but on the mobile. Finally got the manager on the afternoon and the credit was refunded onto the mobile but was told if the balance went to £4 you could not use the phone, what’s that all about it’s a pay as you go, my balance was below £4 and still worked. I’m not putting any more credit on the phone I’ll wait and see what’s happens. So after about 7-8 hours spent talking to Asda mobile either by the messaging service or direct on the phone I feel the least they could have done was offered extra credit for all the inconvenience they have caused me. I am going to let Adsa know what a shambolic roll out this appears to have been. It’s a true saying you tell more people about bad service than good, and it’s true in this case.

  52. Graham Clarke says:

    Like so many others here I have not successfully migrated from ASDA EE TO ASDA VODAFONE. My new SIM card is not recognised by my 4G hone so only works as a tablet provided I have a WiFi connection. The card can be used to make and receive calls and texts on an old 2G phone at home I now have a weak signal (with EE I had a very strong signal. One would think that in the 21st century we shouldn’t have to endure this kind of poor service. Mobile phone technology is not in it’s infancy – so there can be no excuses. I was many years a customer of ASDA EE. If my situation goes unresolved I will move away from ASDA which is a shame. I much prefer PAYG and take a year to use £10 worth of credit but if thee no other option other than a monthly SIM contract – then so be it.

    1. Martin says:

      Try getting your phone unlocked, or at least, get it checked to see if it’s locked to the EE network. If it is locked it will take up to 14 working days to get it unlocked – by the vodaphone help line, or go to a phone shop on the high street and pay about £25. Worked for me. Good luck.

  53. Bethia says:

    Changed my mum’s over in March – no hassle at all, except the 30 minutes wait for the activation email! Wish they had put that bit in the instructions/FAQs – had to contact Asda via chat to ask – but did get through to them with only a 5 minute wait and then they were really helpful. I obviously got there one good help desk operative! Other family members not nearly lucky, and are still struggling to get a service back again. Thank goodness my main phone is with Tesco – much better deal and can always take it into store to get sorted out:-)

  54. linda says:

    I swapped over from asda to new service and then got a message from vodaphone saying I had to pay a bill of 27.36 what unbelievable when asda had given a nice free £10 bundle

  55. Margaret Barnes says:

    Three phones to transfer. Waited till now, till initial rush over, did them one at a time. Two completely umfd up, incl Smartphone. Phoned ASDA numerous times. Given rubbish untrue info by operators. “Phone will be on at 8.10pm”. It wasn’t. Phone again. “Need to wait till 5pm / midnight today/”. So much hassle, time wasted, stress in our late 70s. Smartphone still not working. Vital for medical appts coming in etc. Absolutely furious and fed up. Rubbish transfer service.

  56. Dave says:

    FYI I just changed over to Asda Vodafone from Asda EE and received the ‘Your account has been activated’ text within seconds of changing the sim and switching phone back on. My credit has been transferred over to the new sim and my free bundle has arrived. A full signal is shown and everything seems to be working fine.Well done Asda!

  57. Pandora says:

    what a mess!!!!! Asda has left their customers high and dry, holding on to money so customers can’t switch provider while accusing vodaphone of holding asda customer funds.No proper signal,every call in or outgoing cut off, think maybe small claims court is going to be the answer for alot of people

  58. ROBERT EDWARDS says:

    the really bad think about this is when i go into my account which shows old number, i try to talk to the help line and they say sorry we are asda vodafone,not ee.this is just crap i think when you order the new pack ee just cut you off, so you cannot go online and change your number.because they cannot send you a message.stupid people, they just dont care. they said get the pac number from ee, they would not send it by email, and when i did get through, they did not want to give it to me….what a crap company

  59. ROBERT EDWARDS says:

    OK THEY HAVE NOW GIVEN ME A PAC CODE, AND I AM TRYING TO GET THROUGH ON THE HELP LINE. ASDA ee tell me they will keep my balence if i use the pac code.crooks

  60. Elvis says:

    I have my new sim in, my number doesn’t show in settings – network /but my old number works on the new sim as I rang from my home phone and people can ring and text….
    but my mobile data isn’t working… In settings its switch on, but I’m not getting data…

    Wft has asda done
    I rang them, they’re no help what so ever, now I’m without net on my phone.

  61. Stephen Mason says:

    My wife has been trying since June 07. Now July 03. Cannot log in to banks NHS etc etc. Conflicting advice from untrained agents. Promises of early connection broken. Biggest mess we have ever encountered. Suicide contemplated.

  62. John says:

    they are pathetic. Look on trust pilot under vodafone uk, vodafone customer service or asda mobile. I have nothing to add

  63. Betty Higginbottom says:

    I switched to the new network with no problems a couple of Months ago. NOW it’s a different story, phone signal keeps cutting out, dial a number and as soon as they answer it cuts off. This poor coverage from Vodaphone in our area was the reason we switched to ASDA in the first place but they were with EE Then so we are back to the same problems again

  64. Penny annis says:

    Well I have been trying to get an NUC code since april and I’ve emailed and got no reply I’ve rang asda customer service many times been told all different things still stuck with phone that runs on ee network because asda was using there signal regardless to say they dont value customers who have been with them for years I must now say is the worst network ive been with disgusting attetudude towards customers who are asking for an issue to be resolved as I’m now going to have to pay myself to have mobile phone unlocked it’s safe to say tomorrow I will be on giff gaff I no so many people on this network and dont have any issues at all and value for money with great monthly bundles might cost me but at least the customer service will be priceless. Good luck to all that are still trying its took me from april to july to realised asda just dont care why should you change networks you be happier

  65. William Hopps says:

    It has been a nightmare when I put the wrong pin in for my new SIM and locked my phone wish I hadn’t

  66. Derek Allinson says:

    Asda assured my wife and I that the bundle we purchased with our new SIM card would work in Spain THIS WAS NOT THE CASE
    Had at least 4 calls to the help line , waiting ages on each call, and whilst the service team were trying to be helpful were unable to solve the problem
    Then I saw something that suggested wait until your existing bundle expires than add a new one. Was sceptical but it worked
    Feel that Asda has ripped us off as the did not credit the bundles that did not work
    All seems to be working ok now but very disappointed with Asda Service

    1. Fred says:

      I have 3 ASDA SIMs One phone and two in other devices – Alarm and SIM based switch (so I can remotely switch my router on/off (reboot) – I have to set up 3 seperate accounts and go through a cumbersome process of taking Sims out of devices putting them in a phone getting several validation codes and email confirmations to respond to. Then waiting at least a day for the migration to take place. Very unsatisfactory and we will have to see how Vodafone respond to low useage sims in alarm and switch. I will give them a try but actively reviewing other options. I had absolutely no problems with ADSA EE and I wonder why they didn’t consult their CUSTOMERS before making the change.

  67. Alex says:

    ASDA mobile (Vodafone) left me stranded in Spain from 12th.-17th.July. I could make calls but not receive them. The help line was utterly useless and on the third day spent 4hrs 19mins!!!!!!!!!! on the chat doing endless different tests to no avail; it still took another 2 days. Later when I renewed another monthly bundle had the same issue for 5-6hrs. I’ve been working remotely until 2 days ago and the first week was a nightmare. Will be making a claim when I get back with saved chats.

  68. Pamela E says:

    I too am disgusted by the way I have been treated by ASDA in relation to this changeover. I did everything they asked me on the SIM pack sent to me and waited till my phone said that my old SIM card was invalid and put in my new SIM card Only to get a message asking for network key? It seems now that my phone has been blocked and cannot use it. it seems impossible to get in touch with anybody apart from robots who only get me more angry and frustrated than ever. Do I now lose my number and credit that I have? Please give me a human being that I can speak to and sort this fiasco out before I top myself.

  69. Catherine says:

    My husband and I had the same problems and tried for hours on several occasions to get a signal. It turns out that our Doro phones were only 2G and our local network providers need 4G phones. We bought a new Doro 7010, put in the new Asda SIM and it was working perfectly within seconds. It may be that phones need to be upgraded?

    Hope this is of help.

  70. Fleur says:

    Since migrating no service at home or in my area. I asked customer services, after several attempts to get through because they hang up on you, to enable WiFi calling. They said that my phone was not compatible. It is and Nokia have confirmed that it is compatible and said that ASDA Mobile haven’t enabled it. Chief Executive’s office say that they stand by their decision to move to Vodafone and accept my decision to go elsewhere. They couldn’t care less, no apology for the appalling customer service. This needs more publicity, everyone write to Watchdog at BBC.

  71. T Kub says:

    Migrated my mums sim via text number in pack and received texts from asda regarding what would happen next, so lost service on old network the following day, changed the sim and within a minute had a text that the account was activated and all works well, and this is on a doro 2g mobile, her credit was transferred and the free bundle and original number, it was very straightforward and she is very happy with the service.

    1. GKD says:

      My transfer to Vodaphone was a breeze, too. Nokia 216 (sim free phone) with Asda EE. My credit was transfered and my free £10 bundle applied.

  72. Fred says:

    paid £30 for 150mbps getting 1.9mbps complained not getting no where

  73. Fred says:

    paid £30 this morning for 150mbps getting 1.9mbps vodaphone say I need 5g phone – rubbish phone worked perfectly for last three months with vodaphone the free bundle got me 150mbps last month £25 bundle claiming 10mbps gave 1.5mbps complained nothing resolved this morning paid £30 for 150mbps to told by customer services I need 5g phone – you couldnt make it up what a waste of space time and money – will complain again to ASDA directors – write to walmart USA complain to uk phone ombudsman and sale of goods act / consumer rights ASDA are taking my money and not providing the goods

  74. JPort says:

    As far as I am aware, anyone who has a phone that isnt UNlocked to vodaphone will be unable to get service with the new sim – just like VM transfering people they KNEW had phones locked to EE

    If its like VM, Just because the old ASDA sim worked in your phone doesn’t mean the new one will

  75. Ron E says:

    This is a Con. I have used an asda phone for years and understood that this was not locked so my new sim card to Vodaphone should have been OK but it was not and now have to wait for code to be sent to me. So will I lose my phone number and credit that I have on my Phone?

    1. GKD says:

      Anyone who wants to check to see if their phone is locked/unlocked can do so here:


    2. Mark Ashmore says:

      My mother-in-laws phone is locked and Asda say it will take upto 14 working days to get an unlock code. Tried to see if phone shops can unlock but as its a Doro it has to be done by the provider. Appalling service so no phone for 2 weeks

  76. Alan Rowley says:

    I went through the transfer procedure reasonably well, but it took 3 days to activate the new card. I had a free month then bought a £10 monthly bundle. Two weeks later a message appeared on my iphone …you have been disconnected from the 4G network. My phone did not work so I went on the chat line for over an hour. The agent was useless. I suggested I put another sim card in the phone, which the agent thought may be a good idea. But I needed to keep my old number. The agent said this would be done in 24 hours. 3 days later, nothing. I spoke to another agent who promised me the same. Now two days gone, and nothing. I have had this number for over 25 years, and ASDA appear to have stolen it. It’s like banging your head on a brick wall.

  77. Ray Alexander says:

    My transfer/activation went well. 1st & 2nd attempt to use my (old) ASDA top-up card at local Spar mini-mart “payment rejected, mobile number not recognized” (on advice slip, – which mentioned my correct mobile number). A 2G phone. All well before the migration. Can anyone out there tell this old man what to do next. Thnx.

    1. T Kub says:

      You have to order a new vodaphone top up card, the old ee card wont work. Then ring asda to input the top up card number to link to your new vodaphone sim card.

    2. TAFF says:

      Yes, go to the asda mobile website. and order the new asda vodaphone top up card.

  78. Kenneth Hankinson says:


  79. Kenneth Hankinson says:


  80. I.D.Denyer says:

    Tried to switch, but nothing worked other than my ols SIM stopped working and the SIM sent didn’t work, then fell apart.. Just ditched my SIM cards. Hardly use the mobile, so would rather start afresh with a new number than go through all that hassle again…

  81. FedUpAsdaCustomer says:

    1 month ago I tried to move to Asda Vodafone. When starting the phone with the new sim it came up with a screen saying choose network. Was not expecting this so tried to back out but it accepted TalkTalk as default. My phone now says the MVNO is TalkTalk and my phone number isn’t listed on my phone and I can’t access it to add manually. I’ve managed to change the APN to Asda but the reception bars are orange coloured and when I switch my phone off and on I receive the welcome to the network message followed by the configuration file.When I try to make a call it says Call Divert on conditional and today I had texts fail when trying to send which then succeeded when trying again. Asda Tech help Have been no help whatsoever. They don’t listen. \one thought I was talking about my Husband’s phone! I have spoken to 4 different agents, none of which listen to me they all think they know best but none has resolved the issue. Some of them don’t even think there is an issue. I keep telling them to concentrate on changing the MVNO from TalkTalk but they try to change other settings which I’ve already told them I’ve tried. One agent actually suggested I take my phone into a shop in town for them to have a look at! Never had an issue on Asda EE and didn’t want to change network – had it forced on my by them. Very unhappy.

  82. Mike says:

    My big gripe is we were told we get a free bundle as a sweetener and that the ballance would be transferred as claimed on the new SIM packaging. I bought a £10 bundle and lost it a couple of days later when I switched. Apparently the transferred ‘ballance’ only includes money not data or phone credit a point only hidden in the Q and A. I tried to complain about this through various channels but just get fobbed off with responses that don’t address the issues I raise.

    1. T Kub says:

      Yes it states that bundles do not transfer over if you purchased before the switch. You had to use it up first. Only if you had topped up by £10 then that would’ve transferred over. You get the free bundle added after you transfer and not before. I don’t really know why this is the case, but that is the process.

  83. Cathy boydell says:

    Rubbish service going with better network your system . Left me with no data credit n wifi is down I followed instructions weeks ago and it took half hour . To try so how come I’ve got no way of credit I’ve been on line that’s . Pathetic service

  84. Anne Patrick says:

    My mother who is 83 years old had been getting texts regarding this change, but didn’t understand exactly what she was supposed to do about it. She has now been left with absolutely no service until the new SIM card that I had to order for her arrives. Does anyone know if she will be able to keep her old number?

    1. Geoff says:

      Yes, ASDA has a procedure for doing that. See website. However, I’ve found the coverage and call quality of the Vodafone sim to be poor. The EE network was superb from that viewpoint. So, I’ve moved to 1p Mobile, which uses EE and is cheap as long as you don’t use a lot of “mobile data” (as opposed to wifi, which is fine) watching films etc on your phone. Plus it’s genuine pay as you go, not a bundle that expires after 30 days.

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