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Broadband ISP Plusnet UK Launch Familiar New Hub Two Router UPDATE

Thursday, October 21st, 2021 (8:17 am) - Score 33,600

Internet provider Plusnet has quietly introduced a new broadband router called the ‘Hub Two‘, which may be familiar to some as it looks to be a re-brand of parent operator BT’s SmartHub 2 (SH2) device, which was originally shipped in 2018 (here) to support a new range of G.fast and Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) based packages.

At present Plusnet doesn’t have any “ultrafast broadband” (100Mbps+) packages, although we have been expecting FTTP to launch around the late 2021 or early 2022 window since earlier this year (here). The new device will also make it easier for the ISP to support the launch of their own Digital Voice (VoIP) solution in the near future, which is something they couldn’t do on their older kit.

A quick look across the provider’s Community Forum reveals that the ISP has currently only made this device available to their small business customers. According to one of their team members (Anoush): “We’re shipping the Hub Two for business accounts now and ‘coming soon’ for residential customers, I can’t say when though“.

As above, the Hub Two is essentially just a rebranded BT SH 2 device (their previous ‘Hub One’ router was similarly a re-brand of the BT Home Hub 5A), which means you get 1 x FXS (phone) port, 4 x Gigabit Ethernet ports (3 LAN and 1 WAN), integrated ADSL / VDSL and G.fast modems, 1 x USB 2.0 port and reasonably capable Wi-Fi 5 (2.4GHz 3 x 3 MIMO 11n and 5GHz 4×4 MIMO 11ac). The venerable Broadcom 63138, 4366 and 43602 chipset(s) sit under its hood. See the full SH2 spec sheet.


Despite the reference to business packages, one of Plusnet’s residential customers (Phil) informs us that he was offered a free upgrade to the Hub Two as part of a package upgrade to their top FTTC (VDSL2) based Unlimited Fibre Extra (66Mbps) tier. We’ve asked the ISP to clarify their availability plan for the device and will report back later.

UPDATE 12:41pm

We’ve had a comment from Plusnet (via BT).

A Spokesperson for Plusnet said:

“The Plusnet Hub Two is currently available alongside our Plusnet Business broadband packages and will be available for Residential customers later in the year.

In terms on non-cosmetic changes, we are using Plusnet-specific firmware that is tailored to Plusnet services and therefore differs slightly from the BT Smart Hub 2.”

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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23 Responses
  1. Sam says:

    Ewwwww Just a rebadged Smart hub 2…

  2. Mark says:

    I called Plusnet on Monday to enquire when they were launching FTTP, they said if I wanted FTTP I have to move to BT. So I am moving to BT on 3rd November and as they are the parent company, they wavered the early termination fees.

    1. Zakir says:

      Lucky you got fttp I still dont have fttp from any broadband providers I live in London in a Flat.

    2. Nooooo says:

      Damn. I did the same move and they wouldn’t waive the termination fees.

    3. Mike says:


      Can you get 5G?

    4. GordonS says:

      I’ve been with Plusnet for something like a decade, and I’ve been waiting for a year or so for them to come out with an FTTP package. I don’t really want to move, as Plusnet have been absolutely excellent.

      But just the other day I saw Cuckoo are about to launch an 800/100 FTTP package with a 1 month contract, and my feet are getting really itchy…

    5. Bubbles says:

      @Zakir you aren’t special. I can’t get FTTP either. Or 5G for that matter 😀

  3. Ian says:

    I have just renewed with plusnet on VDSL, but was told PlusNet will be supporting FTTP in due course and if (or when) I get FTTP switching to PlusNet or BT full fibre would not incurred an early contract termination fee.
    I suppose PlusNet want these routers to be available when they offer FTTP so they can charge for (or offer) the phone service as well,
    I just hope our CFP actually gets implemented sometime soon (4 months since we signed a contract and latest update says still doing surveys.)

    1. Buggerlugz says:

      Be interesting to see if BT offer other BT shouldered ISP’s their fibre to sell on, if and when they ever get around to delivering FTTP to the millions of UK homes that don’t have it currently.

    2. NE555 says:

      It’s not just preparation for FTTP. Before then, they’ll have to start providing digital voice when the PSTN is switched off in 2025 – even for users remaining on FTTC or ADSL.

  4. Buggerlugz says:

    oh Plusnet’s “Unlimited Fibre Extra”, that’d be the one which isn’t fibre or offering anything extra….still 1 out of 3 words being true is a big plus for Plusnet I guess.

  5. Phil says:

    @MarkJackson updated: It’s appear the staff are wrong as it was free upgrade to Plusnet Hub One to replaced faulty Hub One not Hub Two as it not available at present time. Seem waste of time in my view.

  6. Lactophobe says:

    I wonder if you can set it to do VOIP via SipGate to save money?

    1. Tech3475 says:

      If it’s anything like BT, it’s all locked down. I’d be surprised if these settings are unlocked.

      Can’t even get the details to setup my own VOIP equipment, so I have to use the Homehub as my gateway router.

      It also looks like it will be a pain to port the number to a dedicated VOIP provider as it will disconnect my broadband. So anyone considering switching providers, hates ISP equipment and want their existing landline number may need to take this into account, if my understanding is correct.

  7. andy says:

    can’t wait to get offered a Hub 2. I have a Hub 1 and can’t use the Wi-Fi on it as there’s a known fault with Apple devices that means you keep having to reset the Wi-Fi and tell your Ipad/Phone etc. to forget network and start again. I gave up in the end and switched the Wi-Fi Off and plugged a TP Link range extender/Powerline into the Plusnet router and use that for Wi-Fi. Not the best solution, but gets round the rubbish Wi-Fi on the Plusnet 1 router.

    1. Russell Coleman says:

      Don’t use Chanel 6 and something the two Chanel’s affect apple devices use high Chanel’s only on plusnet hub one use Manuel Chanel selection

  8. Pete Graham says:

    Andy — The Wi-Fi on my Plusnet Hub One has been dropping out recently, always around 10 in the evening but not every evening, and I have an Apple TV box plugged in and potentially visible to it. Is this the sort of “Apple device” you mean, or do you include iPhones as well?

  9. Andy hyland says:

    I brought a BT smart hub 2, 18 months ago and changed the settings so that it works on Plusnets FTTC, much better range even to the bottom of my 100ft garden for the first time ever.

  10. WelshJohn says:

    Just renewed my 2 contracts with Plusnet and was immediately offered Hub 2 Routers

  11. Duncan Mann says:

    Changed my ISP from BT to Plusnet in late November, and simply reconfigured my existing BT SmartHub 2 so that it talks to Plusnet, not BT – the settings are very simple, and available on the Plusnet website. Was pleasantly surprised to read recently that BT will maintain the firmware on the SH2 going forward, which was making me think I’d have to buy a third party router in order to maintain security in the medium term. I do also have a Wifi Disc, and BT have demanded the return of this, subject to a charge if I don’t – it’s £30, so will simply hang on to the Disc. I did find Plusnet a bit flaky for the first month or so, for what it’s worth – some significant latency issues, but it seems to have settled down now, so generally I’m pleased to be paying much less than I was for BT’s FTTC offering, which is well overpriced IMO. Where I live in a semi-rural location in Gloucestershire, 66Mb/s is all my exchange will support, though ironically in properly rural areas a mile or two away, Gigaclear are offering Gibabit FTTP for somewhat less than I was paying BT for 66Mb/s! BT have obviously decided that Plusnet will be BT’s low cost, lower spec offering, to stop the likes of Talk Talk, Vodafone et al from taking this market. Suits me, as BT don’t offer FPPP where I live, so in effect I’m getting exactly the same service for less than half the price, and using the same BT kit (bearing in mind I had this before Dec 2019, so BT cannot demand the return of the Smarthub2 – though this is now academic given that Plusnet are now effectively giving this away free.

  12. Mark C Rogers says:

    I just asked to upgrade to plusnet hub 2. They charged me £106 pls delivery. I bought a sky glass they said I needed to upgrade. So I did, I thought it was free. No! I had to pay. I did not want to leave plusnet. But now I might have to reconsider my opinions. I asked if I needed to return old hub, they said no it’s mine. I will now have to try and sell to regain some funds. Unless someone knows a better way.

    1. Crotchety says:

      I’ve just renewed my contract and they are sending a new modem router go £6-95

  13. Owen Smith says:

    Is it possible to reconfigure the WAN ethernet port of the Super Hub 2 as a LAN port? I need four ethernet ports and the line will be using FTTC so I don’t need a WAN ethernet port.

    And is it possible to turn the wifi off? It’s not going to work well where the computer room is, I have a separate wifi base station in a much better location.

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