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HQ: Liverpool, England | Tel: 0333 305 7560 | UK Support: Yes | ISPA Member (?): No
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Network Coverage: England - Northumberland, County Durham, Yorkshire, Lancashire
 Cheapest Gigabit (1Gbps) Package
Monthly Price
Total monthly fee inc. 20% VAT.
Special Price Offers
3 Months Free
Discount length or offers applied to the monthly price above
Monthly Post Contract Price
Monthly fee payable after your first contract term and discounts have ended - inc. 20% VAT.
Included Vouchers / Gifts
Bill credits, vouchers or other promotions with the package
Setup Fee
One-off total that usually covers activation, install and hardware (+postage). New lines may attract an extra charge
24 Months
Length of time you commit to a service before you can leave
Broadband Tech
Broadband connection technologies supported by package
Advertised Download Speed
Average peak time download speed in Megabits per second
Advertised Upload Speed
Average peak time upload speed in Megabits per second
Monthly Usage Allowance
Total amount of GigaBytes that you can download per month (FUP = Fair Use Policy)
Included Router / Modem
The hardware necessary to get a connection
Included Phone Calls
Included (free) phone call minutes (standard rates = pay-as-you-go)
Optional TV Service
Does ISP also offer optional TV (IPTV) packages?
Optional Mobile Service
Does ISP also offer optional Mobile Phone tariffs?
Extra service features included in the price you pay
ISPs often show an 'average speed' (median as measured at peak time - ASA Rule) and so speeds may appear to be below 1Gbps, thus we consider anything in the 700-1100Mbps range to be "gigabit" class. Where an ISP doesn't show an average then we may use an estimate of 900Mbps+ for Gigabit packages (Why Buying Gigabit Broadband Doesn't Always Deliver 1Gbps).
Information Key
* Ofcom ADR:
Ofcom approved Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme for handling customer complaints
* ISPA Member:
The UK Internet Service Providers Association offers extra consumer protection
* Telephone:
Customer service or sales telephone number for the ISP
* Underlying Network:
The physical network infrastructure provider that underpins an ISP
* Broadband Technology:
Methods the ISP will use to get you online
* Service Status Feed:
Displays any problems or maintenance occurring with the ISP
Additional Information
Most ISPs charge an extra 'Connection Fee' of around £25-100 when taking broadband for the first time; a small fee can also apply when switching between ISPs and other costs can be hidden in the small print.

We try to make sure that all of the prices displayed include VAT at 20%, though some ISPs conceal this. The 'Cheapest' package shows the normal service price, except when a discount lasts for the first contract term.

Broadband speed will vary depending on certain factors such as ISP network congestion, home network congestion, fair use policies (FUP) and router capability etc.
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