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NOTE: The monthly prices below INCLUDE the cost of Line Rental, as required by the ASA (here). Please see our 'Optional Broadband' category for packages that exclude the Line Rental cost (most relevant for ISPs on BT's national UK network).

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Information Key
* Price: Monthly fee charged for the listed package, including VAT @ 20% and any Line Rental charge. The price reflects any special offer discounts that only apply for 6 months or longer

* Setup: One-off cost, often charged by some ISPs when you take a short contract

* Speed (DL): Typical download speed experienced by 10% of customers in Megabits per second (Mbps). Otherwise shows maximum download speed

* Speed (UP): Maximum or typical upload speed in Mbps

* Avg. Speed: Download speed achievable by 50% of customers at peak times (8pm-10pm, Monday-Sunday). An "Est." next to the figure means the ISP hasn't displayed an average and we've estimated their it based on their technology type.

* Usage: Total amount of GigaBytes you can download per month (FUP = Fair Use Policy). Offpeak periods usually include the late afternoon, night and or weekends

* Router: Included hardware (modem, routers) necessary to get a connection

* Contract: The length of time, in months, you commit to a service before you can leave
Additional Information
Most ISPs charge an extra 'Connection Fee' of around £25-100 when taking broadband for the first time; a small fee can also apply when switching between ISPs. Many extra costs can also be hidden, more on those here: Exposing Hidden and Confusing UK Broadband ISP Charges.

Note, we try to make sure that all of the prices displayed include VAT at 20%, though some ISPs conceal this information. The 'Cheapest' package shows the normal service price, except when a discount lasts 6 months+.

Broadband speed will vary depending on certain factors such as line quality, line length, network congestion and fair use policies (FUP).

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