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Fatcat Acquires Assets of UK ISP RedTen Internet
By: MarkJ - 24 June, 2008 (8:28 AM)

Fatcat Communications Ltd. (Fatcat Internet) has begun contacting customers of the broadband and free laptop offering UK ISP RedTen Internet to confirm that it has acquired some of the providers assets.

The move follows yesterday’s news that NJPServices had pulled out of its broadband supply deal with RedTen, sighting difficulties in contacting and communicating with the ISP (here):

Fatcat Letter:

I am pleased to advise you that with effect from 20th June 2008 Fatcat Communications Ltd has acquired some of the assets of Redten Communications Ltd and will now be responsible for the provision of your Broadband service under your existing contract with Redten.

This transfer does not affect the terms of your contract in any way.

We have been made aware of some concerns around Redten's service in recent months and rest assured that we can assure you that Fatcat will work to ensure that your service in future will be of the highest standard.

I am also pleased to confirm that we have the full support of Clode Retail Finance Ltd (the finance provider to your Redten account) and we will work closely with them to ensure we answer any questions you may have.

In practice you will see no change to your current broadband service however if you do have any queries please contact our Customer Service Team on the telephone number listed below.

Fatcat Customer Service 0844 773 0050 email cs@fatcatinternet.com
Fatcat Technical Support 0871 317 1004 email is@fatcatinternet.com
(Please note should you find the line engaged then please email your enquiry)

In order to avoid any doubt we can also confirm that you will enjoy a full `unlimited' broadband service as per your original contract.

You will have received some correspondence on this point in recent weeks highlighting the industry's concerns around 'illegal' downloading and in light of this I would draw your attention to our Fair Use Policy, which forms part of your contract for the broadband service.

We hope to make further exciting announcements on new Fatcat services in the coming months and we will be in touch about these in the near future.

Customers have been quick to note that Fatcat appears to be little more than the re-establishment of RedTen under another, arguably less tarnished, name. The registered address for Fatcat's domain (here) is clearly identical to that of Clode Retail Finance's (here), which were RedTen’s backers:

Fatcat Domain Contact:

Fatcat Communications Limited
Domain Contact (363020) fatcat@watford.co.uk
Unit 19-20 Neptune Court
South Glamorgan CF24 5PJ

Clode Site Contact:

Units 19/20 Neptune Court
Vanguard Way
Cardiff, CF24 5PJ

It's also noted that the "watford.co.uk" domain mentioned in the e-mail contact for Fatcat belongs to "Registrant: Watford Electronics", which use to own RedTen before a group of then unnamed backers brought it out early last year (here). Merely changing the providers name is unlikely to resolve all of the problems, though we'd dearly like to be proven wrong.

Meanwhile NJPServices has confirmed to us that any customers wishing to gain their broadband migration code (MAC) and move to another ISP can contact them to do so. Unsurprisingly RedTen itself has so far failed to comment on any of these recent developments.

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