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The following page displays a list of all the broadband ISP reviews posted by Fizzle (display name) to this system. Reviews can be edited by both the author and admins.

ISP Reviews by Fizzle

 AAISP (Broadband Fixed Line)
Posted: 17th Jun, 2020    By: Fizzle
76/20 is as fast as you can normally go in this area. There is no FTTP or Cable.

I needed more upload to cope with the increase WFH in 2020. Within weeks of the requests and at the height of lockdown AAISP had:
- Got the second line installed
- Configured and shipped the new hardware
- Done of a load of fiddling to get the speed on the new line up from 59Mbps to 76Mbps.

We now have a rock solid 150/40 connection.

Time With Provider: 2 Years
Package Name: Home::1 with Line Bonding

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