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The following page displays a list of all the broadband ISP reviews posted by planetjim (display name) to this system. Reviews can be edited by both the author and admins.

ISP Reviews by planetjim

 AAISP (Broadband Fixed Line)
Posted: 07th Jun, 2020    By: planetjim
10 years!

AAISP have always provided a very professional and competent service. All support departments have been excellent but with a special mention to the technical support folks who have always remained calm, competent and helpful even when I've been tearing my hair out.

I've used a variety of connections with AAISP - ADSL, VDSL, EoFTTP and bonded DSL all have performed well with little downtime, low latency and good sync speeds. I particularly like the availability of ipv4 subnets, my business could not have functioned without the availability of ipv4 addresses in the quantities I needed.

I've now sold my company and wish to thank AAISP for the quality of their service over the past 10 years. GREAT SERVICE.

I'd also like to mention the enjoyment and occasional nugget of good information I've gained by reading revK's blog -

Thanks AAISP and all success to you in the future.

Time With Provider: 10 Years
Package Name: 1 x 5TB G.Fast + 2 x 5TB VDSL Bonded

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