Summary: Dreadful service
April 6th, 2012 (Last Edited: April 6th, 2012)
I've had problems with line-validation for months and months with AAISP. They've insisted that it's my problem and sent me chasing after issues that don't exist. I've changed my computer, my router, and my line. They then insisted I buy a third router as it must be my router. It's not. It is line-validation problems that exist at the BT switch level and AAISP just refuse to chase BT on this because it will cost them money. What is amazing is that, no matter how carefully I itemised the problems, they could not respond to those issues but kept jumping to conclusions—all of which said that is was at my end. It's not. I've even got expert advice from a 30+ years programmer for Lucent, AT&T, the emergency services, etc. who said "it's a line-validation problem at the switch" but AAISP would not listen.

When I said I would go to the regulator, the director said I couldn't as I hadn't followed the complaint procedure - which they had not told me about in the preceding six months at all. This is abusive.

As long as your problems are simple and you are willing to spend lots of money to please them, then I'm sure they're fine. If it's at the BT level and therefore more complicated, even though it is still AAISP's responsibility as the provider, forget it. Just get an ISP that is willing to act professionally.
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