Summary: Consistently good
April 16th, 2012 (Last Edited: April 16th, 2012)
I've been an AAISP customer now for several years, and in that time I've never ceased to be impressed with their dedication to providing the best service available.

Unlike some other ISPs there is no 'front line' stopping you talking to the people who know their stuff - it's not unusual to find yourself talking to the director! If it's possible to fix it they will, and if it's not they'll know exactly why. You're kept informed every step of the way - their online systems log *everything* - including conversations with BT (who are invariably trying to avoid doing any work, as usual).

They're not for everyone - if you're of a technical bent and want an ISP that will do what you want (IPV6 as standard, SMS notification, line monitoring, bonding, even stuff like BGP if you need it) then you'll love them. OTOH they charge a rate that reflects that level of service - this is no cheap and cheerful ISP.

They still offer the 'we'll fix your line or money back' promise which I believe they have never needed to pay out on. They're that good.

I would say though don't just believe a couple of reviews (we could all be paid to say this stuff - I'm not, but sometimes it sounds like it!) - It's well worth hopping onto the IRC channel & talking to current customers.
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