Summary: go to hell
December 19th, 2012 (Last Edited: December 19th, 2012)
You guys as Customers call us every every silly reason day after day and the fault numbers is set to max so what do you ******* guys expect from us...
I am a talk talk so called manager you ass hole if you don't understand what i say then I will shout at you every next day you call me

slow speed... how much do you think you are paying to get the best speed.. huh have you ever checked www.samknows.com and checked your actual speed that you can get... you ******* ass holes

yes sometimes a long time is taken to resolve the issue.... but it is because there are high numbers of fault... you guys dont know a single bit of technology and want an engineer to change your microfilter... did your mama not taught you about that????

reading through internet, looking at news at internet,etc don't you guys have books, newspapers or TV at your house
you guys might be at the top of us as the head for everything as you guys have money and best minds as well
but we have minds that is of average which is the only thing that you ******* uncivilized guys can have to help

you guys ****
uncivilized and illiterate people although having biggest cities and best university
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