Summary: vivaciti isn't worth the hassle
June 30th, 2014 (Last Edited: July 3rd, 2014)
the face of it it looked a good static ip deal,until the repeated unusable connection or ghosting on network meaning you couldn't log in.

Over a week of no internet access and no compensation as you pay asdl not service.

The final straw they give me notice of change to another provider and login details, only to tell me that the service isn't available and I can either choose another product or migrate.

So this evening without warning my website goes down, I've been given a mac code and am in process of moving to zen active as I wait to see if my dad will regain consciousness in intensive care.

So my advice is avoid vivaciti like the plague, they are neither cheap reliable or customer focused.

Further to this Glenn Cash their customer services manager initiated email contact, he has absolutely no compassion and after stating that they needed to know when I was migrating
"Please stop billing on my account and further to this I have put what I believe to be an honest review


On 27 Jun 2014 16:16, wrote:
> When do I have to jump ship as Zen 200gb limit fits my purpose- but I want to get what I have paid for before leaving. When do I need to decide date wise please?"

"If you want to throw your toys out of the pram then you are barking up the wrong tree, I just work here, and I sleep well at night with the knowledge that I do all I can to help people.
I would thank you to not send anything further to my email address."

So he initiated the emails asking for conformation when I intended to leave.

If you want spitefulness, poor reliablity and zero compensation when you internet stops for a week and as server running on it so does your website- join VIVACITI.

For a minor amount more I get double the bandwidth with ZEN.

If I don't get an apology from Vivaciti for their customer service managers egotistical behaviour- the emails and recorded telephone call will find it's way on youtube

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