Summary: Simply fantastic
December 5th, 2015 (Last Edited: May 5th, 2017)
Now I've been with AAISP for a couple of years I think it's time to provide an updated review. My previous gave 10/10 for all except value (for which I gave 9/10) but given the astounding service that I've experienced over the past two years my thoughts have changed ever so slightly! As long as AAISP exists, I wouldn't dream of changing ISPs. End of.

My connection is fast and reliable. Downtime or significant network issues have been very rare and when they have occurred there has always been excellent communication.

The administration interface and features offered cater to both standard users as well as tinkerers such as myself who want to adjust things to the nth degree!

The support has been simply wonderful. I'm sure you all know much of a challenge it can be when you call an organisation for technical support where they either assume you don't know what you're talking about, or worse, don't know what they're talking about. THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH AAISP!

With AAISP it's different. Every issue I've had has been addressed professionally, accurately and efficiently and every time I've felt that the staff at AAISP have gone out their way to try to resolve my issue, whether that has been helping me to adjust my SNR to reduce the already small amount of latency, helping me with a SIP billing issue at 8pm via IRC (though this shouldn't be expected of them!) or more recently doing everything they can to help me liaise with the physical network supplier to resolve an issue (special thanks to Shaun and Andy). The support has quite simply been wonderful.

In short, they're the best ISP I've ever used. Whilst you may find cheaper, you sure as heck won't find better and in my opinion they are worth every single penny.

Thank you AAISP, keep up the fantastic work!
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