Summary: Simply the best
February 23rd, 2017 (Last Edited: February 24th, 2017)
I first heard of Andrews & Arnold long ago - maybe 10 years - but as I was happy with my ISP at the time, I did not think of transferring. In December 2016, I was suddenly and unexpectedly cut off by my previous ISP - who had always provided what I thought was the best speed, reliability and service for a price only slightly higher than run-of-the-mill providers.

After a couple of false starts, I remembered AAISP and rang them up late one afternoon. I immediately recognised the unmistakeable "feel" of excellent service. All my rather naive questions were patiently, courteously and fully answered. When I wasn't sure if my BT line box was suitable, I was asked to send in a photograph by email - and a few minutes later I was reassured that it would work just fine.

On the day I feared all sorts of problems, but in the event we received a text to say we were connected - and we were! And when I say connected, I mean CONNECTED. My previous ISP had given us "up to 40 Mb/sec", which meant in practice usually about 35 down and a very reliable 8 up. With AAISP we are getting as much as twice that - and very reliably. I just ran a speed test on ISPReview and got 79.4 Mb/sec (bursting to 100) down and and 17 Mb/sec up. That is fairly typical, and it doesn't vary much. We chose a download limit of 150 GB/month, and so far it is about double our needs - although of course the faster the connection, the quicker you can pile up download GBs.

The trouble with really good broadband service is the same as any really good service - after a while you stop noticing it's there. That's how I have found AAISP after the first five weeks, and I'm pretty sure I like it very much (when I stop to think about it).
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