Summary: Efficient, communicative and knowledgable
February 28th, 2017 (Last Edited: February 28th, 2017)
After many unsuccessful attempts to order FTTC service from BT we decided enough was enough.

Looked up available providers in our area on Openreach website and liked the look of Andrews & Arnold Ltd.

The cost of the service and the download limits were a bit of a concern, but we found that, so far, the Home::1 with 250Gb allowance is sufficient for us. We had our own DSL router, so did not need to buy one from AAISP. The "irc" chat facility proved invaluable when setting up the router late in the evening, thanks to very helpful members.

I would rate AAISP's communication and customer service very highly. Michael Barrett answered all my questions quickly via e-mail, or telephone.

We get around 73Mb download and around 17/20Mb upload speeds with a ping of 8ms, which we are very happy with. If a line is down, we get a text on my mobile, so we know that they are aware and that it is not our router playing up. Likewise when our line is back up and running.

Perhaps the download limits are not for everyone, if you are a high capacity user because it then becomes an expensive service. You can easily check your usage and lots of other, useful technical information on AAIP's website under your log in details.

We do not have VoIP or other services, just fast and reliable broadband with transparent invoicing and direct customer service.

We are very happy indeed!
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