Summary: Change to FFTC
February 28th, 2017 (Last Edited: February 28th, 2017)
I have been with Andrews and Arnold for many years and always more than satisfied with the service. Recently in my monthly invoice/statement they suggested changing to their Home FFTC provision. " It looks like this line could be upgraded to VDSL (Fibre to the cabinet) at speeds of 67−80Mb/s Down and 18−20Mb/s Up. See web site for details."
The change to this was smooth, including a new router that I needed for VDSL (at a favourable price and configured). I chose the monthly tertabyte option and can get this for less than my previous provision where I used about 300GB/month. So - better faster and more plentiful provision for less.

The staff at AAISP were, as mentioned by others, always professional, knowledgeable and most helpful such as when I forgot to order the router online.

All in all the best ISP I am aware of. If you are looking for a new/different ISP then AAISP deserves your close attention.
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