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Summary: What? No email?
March 15th, 2017 (Last Edited: March 15th, 2017)
It hasn't started well. Origin failed to provide me with network login details to enter in my own router, so, the first phone call started at 0920 on day one and I gave up about 45 minutes later.
The second call got me to a person moderately quickly, however, my need for two simple pieces of information wasn't something they could deal with, so they said they'd put me through to someone who could. At this point I explained that I'd already been an a queue for over 40 minutes before and wasn't very inclined to do that again. I was informed that I'd be put straight through to someone .....40 more minutes later I decided that hadn't really worked out how I'd intended it to so I hung up again in need of lunch.
Lunch eaten, I scored a success and got through to someone who was able to immediately offer up the required details and off I went.
Scroll forward to mid afternoon and I've moved on to reconfiguring my email client, MS Outlook, and I realise that I need Origin's mail server addresses and some login details.
Another couple of 40+ minute sessions on hold and, Ah!, it seems that Origin doesn't offer email services to residential customers ...WTF?
No mention of this universally supplied service in any of their advertising, every other ISP with which I've done business with since 1996 has offered email. Weak excuses about residential customers having been involved in spam operations were given as reasons for not doing so - everyone else manages to do this Origin. Sure it's something I can work around but I'd have liked to know about it rather than have it unexpectedly dropped on me.

Things to fix:
1 - Better customer communication required prior to go-live.
2 - Need to make it clear that email isn't a part of the package.
3 - Less compartmentalisation; more people need to be able to issue things like network login details.
4 - More bums required on seats in the support team, having customers endlessly hanging on for someone to answer the phone is plain wrong. At least it's an 0800 number!
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