Summary: Awfull
April 20th, 2017 (Last Edited: April 20th, 2017)
Joined Bently Walker a month or so ago, since joining it has been fraught with problems, the biggest problem is there tech support being unable to provide anything other than it looks good from here and you have too many components connected (two smart TVs and an apple TV box), an even worse one is their customer service being rude, bullying and only interested in the terms and conditions, what it costs to fix, cancel and no interest in solving the problem except to quote charges for tech support, cancellation and return of equipment (the government paid for by the way) because I have a 200 GBP a month system that I cant stream TV on, (that includes the overcharge that follows)I would expect a better level of support.
I have paid for 30 Mbps, I have as low as 2 Mbps, (independent, not their own speed test) again tech support assisted me in letting me know that the "satellite was thousands of miles away" I would laugh if it weren't so expense to laugh. I am sure they have a condition for that.
I was overcharged buy over 30 pounds a month for 2 of the three billing cycles, when this was brought up there were no terms and conditions quoted only that they would look in to sorry to hear that or any apology only if we have over charged you we will refund the money...I wish I could refund their system....biggest mistake I have made for a while, and that after reading all the bad reviews previously...bad company and a bad mistake by myself.
Due to the threat of charges for eng support, cancellation charges and return of the equipment in (mint) condition I have reduced my monthly payment to the minimum service (I have also followed that up by informing them that it still doesn't work no matter what I am paying)
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