Summary: So much better than Sky
June 29th, 2017 (Last Edited: June 29th, 2017)
I was a Sky customer for a number of years.
Initially I was tempted to switch to another ISP just to stop giving money to Rupert Murdoch.
But I have to say, switching to A&A has really been great so far (3 months). It's fast, the customer service is really good and I feel a lot better about not giving my money to an evil billionaire.

Some details :

I was able to get recommendations about what package to go for through the A&A irc channel, no phone call required.

After my line was installed, I was getting disconnected quite often (lost carrier). That was sorted with a couple of email. Again no hotline to another country, no time or money wasted on the phone.

The price is a bit more expensive (45£ a month) but through fiber (FTTC) whereas I was paying 38£ with Sky without any special TV package (no payed channel) and only with basic ADSL.
I haven't checked the equivalent offer with Sky, but that would probably been about the same, expect it would have taken 3 months to get it ( that's how long it took them to install the line 5 years ago).

The connection with A&A is about 4 times faster in latency and about 4 to 5 times more bandwidth (FTTC is probably doing most of the magic here).
The main difference being that once the lost carrier iasue fixed I hardly get a couple of minutes of down time a month (you get automatic notifications from A&A) whereas Sky would disconnect me for a few hours or a day on a regular basis (no explanation given)

No regrets.
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