Summary: Awful
July 13th, 2017 (Last Edited: July 13th, 2017)
I cannot believe that number 7 in the top 10 ISP list is this bad.

I'm a web designer / I.T. technician and work from home.

I have 78mbps fibre on a new phone line, and 3 other lines (and ISPs) at home to compare against.

I have had lots of problems. The most recent, gmail and hotmail do not work. WTF?? Service status "We are investigating email issues" for 2 days! Email issues? All I want is to access a flippin website.

I urgently need email for work! Thanks god for the other lines I have, but it's hassle swapping LAN cables over just to get on gmail and hotmail...!

Previous problems include - speeds as low as 7mbps at peak time - Friday evening for instance was almost unbearable. 7mbps on a line which can handle 78mbps? What?

Also a couple of disconnects on occasion.

I'm off to check my contract with them and see about cancelling.

Maybe once they were one of the top 3 ISPs in the UK but now they certainly are not. Heck I've had less problems using the cheaper, major providers.

Just for saving a few £ on activation fee I went with these guys, I regret it.

Go to their account control panel and click "Open Support Ticket" and you get "No departments available to fill in a support ticket" seems very unprofessional. Not sure if they were always like this?

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Dear welshdemon,

I'm sorry to read that your experience is not as you had hoped. If you can provide any ticket references where you have reported this to us, I would be more than happy to personally check your specific account personally.

I can confirm, at the time of writing, we are dealing with an highly unusual situation with email protocols not working for some customers. This is off our network, within the core network of one of our upstream providers. We expect a resolution shortly.

Our support desk and support pages are where they have always been, located at and working just fine. Likewise, our telephone support is available 9.00am until 5.00pm

Kind Regards

Martin Pitt
Managing Director
Aquiss Limited
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