Summary: Great ISP, could be priced more competitively
August 3rd, 2017 (Last Edited: August 3rd, 2017)
I've been generally pleased with the service that AAISP have provided. Their support is fantastic, the technicians really know what they're talking about.

The amount of analytics and settings available on your line is phenomenal. If you like graphs, this is the ISP for you. There's a comprehensive stream of data relating to adjustments on the line, outages (if there are any), and support tickets, which are cross referenced where appropriate. For example updates on support tickets, and other communications are marked on the graphs that show line statistics (up/down rate, latency, failures etc).

The only downside is the price. I'd be happy to pay more than other providers for the level of support and customer care that AAISP provide, but I'd expect an unmetered line. £45/m is too much in my opinion for a home fibre connection that's capped at 150GB down. When your usage exceeds the cap, you can either drop the connection, top up by 50GB, or "go slow" which slows the connection down to 2ish meg and starts consuming the data allowance for next month. The router AAISP provide does have provisions for attaching a 4G modem which you can failover to, but I didn't bother doing that.

I've decided to move to another provider that offers unlimited data, at a lower cost. Were AAISP to decide on removing their data cap (or increasing it significantly) then I'd certainly consider switching back, even at the higher price, but until then I've decided that I could get better value elsewhere.
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