Origin Broadband

Summary: Worst ISP I have ever been with
August 7th, 2017 (Last Edited: August 7th, 2017)
The internet connection cuts out frequently, resulting in no internet access at all for any length of time between 5 mins and about an hour, but most often about 10-15 minutes. I notice this several times a week but I don't use the internet every day so I am not recording all of the outages. The speed can be fine sometimes, but a lot of the time there are severe slowdowns, and often there a periods of time lasting several hours or more with such a slow speed that the connection is barely usable. Customer service are polite, but it can easily take longer than half an hour to reach them, and they offer no solutions at all to the problems described to them, and will not do anything other than give excuses as to why the connection is so bad. The excuses range from explanations that slowdowns and outages are normal for all IPS, to advising me that household appliances like my toaster and my next door neighbour's TV are to blame for the isses with the connection, when in fact these issues were either absent or very rare with other ISPs. I wouldn't want their product if I was paid for it. Will switch ISP as soon as I can.
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