Summary: Happy customer so far
August 30th, 2017 (Last Edited: August 30th, 2017)
Moved to Vodafone 76mbps package from BT Infinity 2. BT's obfuscated billing drove me away. Vodafone package is £30/mth for 18 months, no additional line rental - simple!

Switchover was seamless. There was a little variation in sync speeds and latency initially, but this has now settled down. I have a slightly slower sync than I was getting with BT, but never any disconnections. Syncing at 62mbps or so, so downloading around 58 and upload of 20. Ping about 9ms.

I am using the supplied router for DHCP and modem purposes only, all devices come in via a separate wireless access point. Some people have reported that the Vodafone router can't handle more than a few wireless connections - I have had no such issues, but of course I'm not using its wireless facility. I contacted Vodafone customer services via live chat to get my authentication details, which they will provide if you quote an Openreach-approved router that you want to switch to. Now I'm using the Vodafone router as stated above, this is no longer required, but good to know you can use your own equipment if preferred.
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