Summary: Yes you pay more but you get more!
October 6th, 2017 (Last Edited: October 6th, 2017)
I've been using them since September and I'm very happy with the service so far, and I choose them mostly because I know they are a serious provider.

I use internet mostly for Netflix, work and playing League of Legends and I was very surprised to see low latency.

I was a bit worried about the limited bandwidth in the beginning but that end up not being an issue and they also recently released a new feature where you carry half of the unused bandwidth to the next month, which is great if you have a month where you are travelling more and then a month where you are watching more Netflix at home ;)

Interesting story: they accidentally moved my original installation date due to a communication mistake, then I called and told them I wasn't happy about this, they apologised and offered me the router for free (-£25) and did their best to book the installation as soon as possible with Openreach.

Yes you pay more than a normal connection but you get an excellent service and great support if something goes wrong (never happened actually)
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